Downloadable Resume Examples and Templates

The internet has certainly changed the way the business world works and for those in the job hunting process, it has helped a lot, too. Now, you can search databases of employment openings, email your resume and cover letter to a potential employee, and even track your application status at some business websites. However, while it has made finding an opening much easier, you still must have an impressive cover letter and resume to have a chance at being hired. You can find a number of resources, including resume examples, on the internet to help you create polished, professional resumes to get you called for an interview.

Resume Examples Provide a Good Starting Point

If your resume is outdated or simply does not highlight your qualifications, experience, and training effectively, it’s probably time for resume makeover. Many companies quickly review the submitted resumes. Within just a few seconds, the resume ends up either in an interview pile or a “not interested” pile. It’s easy to see why your resume must grab the attention from the beginning.

Resume examples allow you to see some of the formatting and word choice options that make a good resume great. You can see when a chronological resume should be used and when it’s probably not the best choice. You’ll see how to make each statement on your resume stand out, including past job responsibilities and your qualifications. Sometimes, it may just be a matter of a few changes, such as including numbers or percentages when talking about your accomplishments.

Downloadable Resume Examples Put You at an Advantage

Downloadable resume examples allow you find the one that will help you the most and keep it handy to use later. You don’t have to have an internet connection the next time you want to use it and you aren’t stuck searching through dozens of websites trying to find it again. Sometimes, you may want to change your resume specifically for one job opening. You can save several examples to review later when you need them.

Tips for Saving Your Resume Files

How many times have you downloaded a file and not been able to find it later? You should create one folder for all your job hunting resources, including copies of your resume and cover letters. You can easily access these files anytime you need them and you won’t have to search for a file that may have been lost. You should also save it in a number of different formats, as you may be requested to send it in a specific format to someone over the internet. This will save you time later on.

A Final Thought

In closing, downloadable resume examples make it much easier to keep your current resume up to date. You only have a few minutes to make a good impression with your cover letter and resume, so it is important to use the examples to find the right format and wording. It can mean the difference between getting a chance at an interview and being passed over.

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