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Creating an effective cover letter is just as important as creating an effective and accurate resume. It is often the first impression that a potential employer will get of you and you certainly want it to be positive. There are a number of cover letter examples available at CareerRush, but the best thing about this site is that everything is well organized and very user friendly.

Why Cover Letter Examples Are So Helpful

Creating a cover letter can be difficult. It often hard for people to write positively about their own attributes and sometimes, it can feel as though you’re bragging. However, it is important that this letter does show your qualifications, skills and experience, as well as your interest in the open position. It is a chance to stand out from the rest of the applicants and have your letter placed in the interview stack.

Creating an Effective Cover Letter

If you need help with writing a cover letter, there are a number of cover letter examples available. You can see the formatting, salutation and closing options, but the most important part will be the body of the letter. Begin with a sentence or two about the open position. Include a fact about the company so they can see that you have done a bit of research. Also, include a sentence about why you feel this position is just the right one for you.

The next paragraph should contain some information about your training, experience, and qualifications. Use bullet statements when possible to make these points stand out. If you can, use numbers to draw attention. For example, instead of saying you were the sales manager, state that you supervised a team of 7 sales personnel, with a combined sales total of 1.7 million for an 18 month period. When you can quantify your expertise, it gets you noticed.

The last paragraph should include another reason why you feel you would be a good fit for the company and that you look forward to speaking with them in person about the position. Include your email address and phone number to make it convenient for them to contact you.

Your cover letter should never be more than one page in length and you shouldn’t use a font that is so small, it is hard to read. If you need some help with more concise language, check out the cover letter examples. For the best help, check for the examples that are specific to your career industry. Remember, these are generic to a certain extent. Don’t copy and paste the letter and just add your name and their company name.

In Closing

Cover letter examples are a great starting point when drafting your own cover letter. Every time you send a resume, you should include a resume. This is true even if you will drop the resume off in person. It’s just as important as your resume, because it’s often the first thing that human resources will see, even before a completed application. Best of luck in your job hunting!

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