Gathering Materials for an Interview Thank You Letter

Surprisingly, only about ten percent of all interviewees send an interview thank you letter. What was once a very common practice is not considered part of the job application process by many people any more. However, many employers still report that this letter can often be a deciding factor when choosing who gets the job offer and who does not.

Gathering the Necessary Materials

If you will send your interview thank you letter in an email, then you will need a computer and an internet connection. Make sure you have the email address correct and be sure to fill in the subject line. For example, it might say “Manager Interview: Thank You.” This will help ensure your email is read and not just dismissed.

Make sure you have the correct spelling of the interviewer’s name. If you are not certain, don’t guess. Look on the company’s website or call the company if you cannot find it online. Begin by thanking the interviewer for their time and the chance to learn more about the company. List at least one thing that you found impressive about the business.

The next paragraph should quickly and succinctly highlight your qualifications, skills, and experience again. However, do not make this read like your resume. Include a line or two about why you feel you would be the perfect choice for the position.

End the letter with a statement showing you are still interested in the position and that you look forward to hearing their decision. After the complimentary closing, add your name, email and phone number. This makes it easier to contact you. You may not necessarily get a reply back to this email, but it can often make the difference between you getting job or someone else getting it instead.

If you will mail your interview thank you letter, you can either write it by hand or type it out. Some people prefer handwritten letters, but it will depend on the position you are applying for and how legible your handwriting is. The above tips apply pertaining to the content of the letter. However, if you’re not writing the letter by hand, be sure to include your full address at the top. It should look like a traditional business letter. Choose a high quality paper and envelope. If you type your letter, make sure the envelope is typed out, as well. Don’t forget the correct postage or it might be returned to you.

The CareerRush Job Interview Thank You Letter Example:

A Few Final Thoughts

You should write your interview thank you letter within 24 hours of your interview. Some companies may have several days’ worth of interviewing, but others may need the position filled very quickly. However, even if you do not know if the interviewer will see the letter before they make their decision, it’s really the only polite thing to do. With schedules so busy today, potential employers appreciate someone taking the time to say thank you. This often forgotten business practice is usually very well received.

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