Interview Thank You Email: Restate Your Best Qualities

Only about ten percent of applicants take the time to send an after interview thank you letter. It is becoming a forgotten courtesy, but it can have a big impact on whether or not you are offered the job. Sometimes, it might only take an interview thank you email to move your name to the top of the list of applicants.

Why send an Interview Thank You Email

The purpose of an interview thank you email is first to thank the interviewer for their time. Secondly, it is a chance to restate your best qualities and attributes. Finally, it shows that you are still very interested in the job. Make sure that you target each of these points in your interview thank you email.

What you Should Include in an Interview Thank You Email

The subject line should be concise. For example, you might put “Thank You – Lab Technician Interview.” This will help ensure that your email is actually read. Address the email to the person you interviewed with. It’s important to remember this name as the introductions are made at the start of the interview. If you aren’t sure of the spelling, check the company website. Don’t assume you know how to spell it. Most people are very sensitive about their names!

Thank the interviewer for their time and highlight at least on thing that impressed you about the company. Keep your letter brief, but not so much so that it appears rushed. The second paragraph should include a recap of your qualifications, but don’t include everything that is on your resume. Choose the specifics that you believe will best show why you should get the job. Avoid bullet points here – stick to a conversational tone.

Ending your Interview Thank You Email

End the interview thank you email with a few words about why you feel you are a good fit for the job. Include a specific reference to the job qualifications, if possible. After the complimentary closing and your name, include your email address and phone number. While you might assume that this information is close at hand, you want to make it as easy as possible for the company to contact you.
Formatting your Interview Thank You Email

Use the same format as you would for a business letter or email. Keep the font choice simple and business-like. Times New Roman 12 point font is always a good choice. Proofread the email carefully. One error can often take away all the good the letter did in the first place. You can always send the email to a friend to have them read it, as well.

If possible, send this email within 24 hours of the interview. Don’t wait several days to send it because the position will probably already have been filled by then. Don’t expect a response to this email – you probably won’t get one. However, there is a good chance you could get a call offering you the job. Sometimes, an interview thank you email is all it takes to help an interviewer decide in your favor. It is not only polite, but it is a great way to restate your best qualities and why you should be offered the job.

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