Formatting a Thank You Letter after Interview Email

Unfortunately, an after interview thank you letter is not as common as it once was. Not only is it polite to thank the interviewer for their time, it could help push you above the other applicants. However, there are some things to remember when you are formatting a thank you letter after interview email. It is not quite the same format as a traditional thank you letter, but you must ensure you get it right.

Less than ten percent of applicants send after interview thank you letters. Those that do are often praised for their initiative and work ethic. It is a chance to remind the interviewer of your qualifications, skills, and training, and it shows that you are still interested in the open position.

Factors to Consider When Writing a Thank You Letter After Interview Email

When writing your thank you letter after interview email, make sure the email address you have is the right one. You don’t want to send it to the wrong person. If you have communicated previously via email, use that address unless you interviewed with another person. If you aren’t sure of the email address, it may be best to simply mail your letter via post.

The subject line should be direct and to the point. For example, you might use “Thank You – Assistant Manager Interview.” In most cases, this type of subject line will peak the attention of the interviewer and they will take the time to read it. Address it to the individual you interviewed with. The first couple of sentences should thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate that you are still interested in the position.

The next paragraph should quickly and concisely provide a reminder of your qualifications, skills, and training. Don’t make this part too long, but you do want to make sure they remember whom you are. A few sentences are all that is needed. You should also mention why you feel you would be a good fit for the position and what impressed you most about the company.

Wrap up the thank you letter after interview email with mentioning your thanks again. After the proper complimentary close, include your email address and phone number. You should proofread the letter closely and you might want to send it to a friend so they can look over it, as well. It should not contain any grammatical or spelling errors. Keep it formatted as a business email, with the proper font. Avoid the use of colored backgrounds. The simpler this email, the better it is.

This email should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. Do not wait several days to send it, or the position may already have been filled. While a thank you letter after interview email is not a guarantee that you will get the job, it can tip the scales in your favor if the decision is close. Since few people take the time to send this very important business letter, doing so can move your name to the top of the hiring list.

Check Out Our Thank You Letter after Interview Example:

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