Getting Beyond Human Resources To Speak To A Hiring Manager

There is a principle that applies to any contact that you might have with any employee of a company, whether in a private or commercial context – every employee answers to a superior. Of course, this assumes that the definition of employee in this context does not include the senior management of a company. When you talk to the salesgirl in a department store, for example, and you find that she is being unreasonable about something, you need not engage in an angry conversation with her. You simply ask to speak to someone with more authority and in a higher position – in most cases this will be a manager of some sort. The same principle applies when you deal with personnel from the human resources department of a company.

When applying for a job, the most common point of contact with any company will be the human resources department. This is simply because the human resources department is directly responsible for almost all contact that a firm has with private individuals outside the company. The human resources department is therefore also directly in charge of hiring and firing employees of the company.

While the typical process when applying for a job with a company is to make an application to the human resources department of a company and send in your resume, there are times when a more direct approach could be rewarding. You might, for example, be applying for a hotly contested position and you need to do as much as you can to set yourself apart from the crowd of other people applying for the same position. This is when simply sticking to the rules established by the company will not do, and you need to take more positive action.

Making An Impression Before Your Interview

One good way to make an impression even before your interview is scheduled is to speak to someone with even more authority than the general personnel in the human resources department. This usually means someone occupying the position of hiring manager, who ultimately controls all of the employees joining or leaving the company. A short introduction and a few words of appreciation over the phone might be all you need to leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager and get you hired.

The problem, however, is overcoming the barrier presented by the human resources department. Companies guard their privacy jealously, and it can be difficult to find the phone number for the hiring manager of a company. If there is any place that will find it, however, that is online, and you will need to do several extensive searches in order to locate the contact number of the hiring manager. By going behind the human resources department and contacting a hiring manager directly, you show resourcefulness and initiative, making it that much more likely that you will be remembered when the time comes to decide which applicants the company should call in for interviews.

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