Preferred Electronic Resume Formats

A significant development that you will need to keep in mind is the fact that many employers now prefer candidates to submit their resumes electronically rather than the traditional hard copy.  This not only helps to cut back on the amount of paper that is being consumed, but it can help employers search quickly through the various resumes to figure out who would be the best qualified candidates for the vacancy at hand.  There are a number of different ways to electronically compose a resume, however, which is why it is important for you to pay attention to and learn what it is that employers like to see when they receive electronic resumes.

What Types of Formats Are Available?

You will see that there are several different formats that you can make use of to put together a resume on the computer.  Chances are, you would already be using some of these formats during your initial composition, even just to help you print out a hard copy of that same resume. However, a format that is effective for a resume that is being printed out is not necessarily the best format for a resume that will be sent electronically. It is important therefore to pay attention to the format you are using and make sure is in a compatible format with anyone who is going to be opening the resume.

Microsoft Word is the most famous processor and one that is most commonly used by most people all over the world. If this is a tool which is available to you, then this could be a safe format through which to compose a resume.  These documents will be encrypted, however, and only accessible to those people who have Word.  Therefore, you will want to compose a few additional formats of the same document to help you cover your bases.  Notepad is another text-based document that is available on nearly every computer.  Using Notepad could help you get your resume across to those people who do not have Word available.

Check the Formatting on Your Resume

It will be vitally important; however, that you check the formatting on your resume to ensure that it is being delivered intact.  When you send documents through email, an additional level of encryption is sometimes provided.  This can be troublesome, however, for sometimes that encryption will actually alter the text of the message and change the formatting. The result is a document with altered spacing, making the text itself very difficult to read.  To avoid this problem, you will want to test the formatting out to make sure that it sends in a legible manner.

Instead of simply checking the format with your own computer, enlist the help of some friends.  When you have additional people looking at your resume after you have electronically sent it, you can determine how well the transmission went.  This can help you to ascertain if your formatting is correct for the document and whether or not your electronic resume can be easily read by your potential employer.

CareerRush has resume examples available in several different formats. Even the resume builder allows you to download your resume in multiple formats.

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