Using Cover Letter Examples As A Template

Have you ever scoffed at a movie that blatantly copied the storyline from somewhere else, such as a television series, and attempted to pass it off as an original idea? Not only does this not work to keep the viewer entertained, but it actually draws the viewer’s anger and derision simply because the idea is not original and the viewer feels cheated out of whatever money he paid to view what he assumed would be an original movie. The same principle applies to jobseekers and the use of cover letter examples when attempting to write your own professional cover letter.

The task of writing your own cover letter can be a very challenging one, as many people simply have no idea where to begin and how to go about developing the necessary ideas and content for a proper cover letter. This is because resume writing is a skill that is largely neglected in schools, all the way until a student graduates from university, and by then the student must learn the art of writing a good resume independently, without guidance or instruction. Many desperate jobseekers thus turn to various other sources of resume writing aid, such as books or the internet. Of those resources available to jobseekers, cover letter examples are among the most useful tools that you might find online to help you with writing the cover letter for your resume.

The cover letter is an extremely important part of your resume because it is the ‘face’ of your resume – the first thing that your prospective employer and interviewer will see when they receive your resume. The first impression that your prospective employer and interviewer form of you will be as a result of glancing through your resume and, more immediately, your cover letter. With that glance, your prospective employer will decide whether or not to take the time and effort to have you interviewed or not. A lot thus depends on the quality of your cover letter and how persuasive it is to your prospective employer.

The Skill Of Distillation

When using cover letter examples, you will need to keep your cover letter from becoming just like those movies that copy the ideas of others. This means making use of the ideas contained within the cover letter examples while still maintaining the originality of your own cover letter. This requires a certain skill with distillation of ideas, but it is a skill that can easily be acquired with a little practice.

The first thing that you must do once you find cover letter examples is to read through the entirety of the cover letter examples, without attempting to identify exactly which parts you wish to use in your own cover letter. Read fast enough that you merely get the gist of what is contained within each part of the cover letter examples. Following that, proceed paragraph by paragraph, and distill each paragraph down to a single line or a single pertinent point that you think the paragraph is trying to make. This is the best way to derive ideas from cover letter examples without copying anything wholesale from them. You can then use these distilled ideas or points to incorporate the content that you need into your own cover letter.

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