Interview Tips: Clean Up Your Facebook or MySpace Page

The advent of technology and the spread of the internet across the world has led to the development of several phenomena that were previously unknown, and among them is the sheer availability of information. The internet has allowed much more information than was previously thought possible to reside in a single, virtual place. With nothing more than a computer and an internet connection, there is practically nothing that you could not find out through the internet. Among these many new developments is the availability of interview tips on the internet and also social networking. As you will see, these two seemingly unconnected topics are, in fact, highly relevant to each other.

One of the most important interview tips that you should take note of if you are applying for a new job is that social networking sites are most definitely a danger to your career aspirations. Regular websites make impersonal information available on the internet, but social networking sites make your personal information available on the internet. While this might be perfectly fine if the only people who have access to this information are your friends and family, the situation becomes a lot more complicated when other people, such as your prospective employers, gain access to that information as well. Thus one of the most important interview tips that you should definitely pay attention to is to clean up your Facebook or MySpace pages.

By cleaning up your Facebook and MySpace pages, you can ensure that any information, posts, photographs, comments, and any other personal information that might cause your prospective employer not to hire you are all deleted and removed from the internet.

How to Clean Up

Among the most incriminating things that you might have on your social networking pages are photographs. Among the most useful interview tips is to go through all of the photographs that you have posted on your social networking pages and ensure that none of them show you in a compromising light. You should delete any photographs that depict you engaging in activities such as gambling, hardcore partying, boozing, and other activities that a prospective employer might find distasteful or morally reprehensible.

You will also have to pay attention to the pages belonging to your friends. While this is not so much a problem on MySpace, Facebook allows friends to tag one another in photographs, so you will most likely feature in photographs that you have not uploaded to Facebook personally. You do have the option of viewing these photographs as well, however, and either untagging yourself or getting your friend to take down any compromising photographs.

You should also go through the entirety of your Facebook and MySpace pages, and look for any posts or comments that might be offensive to a prospective employer. Remove all of these posts and comments. If there are any that you are unsure of, you should remove them as well just to be on the safe side. If you follow these interview tips, your social networking pages will be much cleaner and will stand up to inspection by your prospective employers.

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