Resume Writing Tips: Clean Up Your Social Pages

If you have been keeping up with the daily news over the past few years, then you most probably know about the various scandals and unfortunate occurrences that have taken place involving employees having their careers and reputations ruined by social networks. Facebook is without doubt the most prevalent of all the social networking sites. Other social networking pages such as MySpace and Friendster are also extremely popular among adults and adolescents alike. The difference in the situations of the adults and adolescents, however, is that adults have to be accountable for their personal material that is available on social networking sites while adolescents do not face such high expectations. This is one of the most important resume writing tips to keep in mind when writing your resume.

Thus while it might be perfectly acceptable for a teenager to post pictures on Facebook of himself getting extremely drunk at a party and engaging in various stupid acts, the same cannot be said of an adult. In the case of an adult, particularly an adult employed by a company, there is always the danger that his boss might decide to look at his photographs on Facebook and be shocked to discover that his employee was out partying on a weekday night when a business meeting or a presentation was scheduled for the following day. This is just one of the many examples that can be found in real life, and a great many employees have lost their jobs because they were careless with the personal information they divulged on social networking sites.

When it comes to important resume writing tips, one such tip is to ensure that your social networking pages are squeaky clean. This might mean having to delete your social networking pages entirely and start them afresh, but this is small price to pay to keep your job or to help yourself secure a new job. Among the important resume writing tips is also that you should discreetly notify all of your friends, family and acquaintances that you do not wish for any unsuitable photographs of you to be put up on social networking sites.

Privacy Settings Are Not Foolproof

Due to the sheer number of people who have had their careers ended by social networking pages, many social networking sites now offer improved ‘privacy settings’. These settings allow you to restrict access to your social networking page and the information contained therein. While this might be sufficient as a casual deterrent, it is definitely not sufficient when your job or prospective job is at stake.

One of the most important resume writing tips that you must keep in mind is that anything that is on the internet can be found, no matter how securely you hide it or lock it away. With these resume writing tips in mind, you can now go about cleaning up your social networking pages even before you finish writing your resume, so that you will not have a bright future ahead of you destroyed by a few inappropriate pictures or comments.

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