What To Say In A Thank You Note After Interview

The practice of sending a thank you note after interview is a relatively recent development across the various industries. It was previously quite uncommon for a job applicant to send a thank you note after interview. Over time, however, and in recent years, sending a thank you note after interview has become almost a requirement when applying for a job. Most interviewers expect some form of thank you note after interview, and you might be hurting your chances of landing the job you applied for if you fail to send one.

The reason for this is that many interviewers have come to see sending a thank you note after interview as a basic courtesy, which anybody with the slightest idea of proper behavior would know to do. For interviewers and prospective employers, a job applicant who does not send a thank you note after interview is one who most probably is not aware of many other social norms, and would therefore be more a liability than an asset if hired. This is the reason why sending a thank you note after interview is so important.

Be Sincere in your Thank You Note after Interview

For those who do remember to send a thank you note after interview, they often run into a different sort of problem. While they may indeed send a note after their interview, they are often entirely mistaken as to the sort of content that a thank you note after interview should contain. The most important thing to remember is that it is not called a ‘thank you note’ for no reason. The main purpose behind sending such a note is to express your thanks to your interviewer. If you do not do so, then it is just as if you never sent a note at all.

Furthermore, you need to remember to be sincere in your efforts. A simple one-liner is not going to be sufficient to convey heartfelt gratitude to your tired interviewer. Instead, you should make a greater effort to thank them in a specific context. This might mean thanking your interviewer for being patient with you if you struggled a great deal during your interviewer. Or perhaps you might wish to thank them for providing you with more information about the job opening that you were applying for. Some interviewers even give job applicants advice on how to better take job interviews, and something like this is definitely worth thanking your interviewer for.

Of course, this does not mean that your thank you note after interview must consist entirely of your expressing your gratitude. There is definitely room for you to advance your own interests in a more overt manner. You can take this opportunity to address any glaring lapses or errors that you made during your interview, for example, and reassure your interviewer that that was not reflective of your overall character or ability. By achieving a balance between these two aspects of your thank you note after interview, you will increase your chances of being hired.

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