Law Enforcement Resume Writing Tips: Are You On The Internet?

When you are writing a law enforcement resume, one question you should ask yourself before you go on is ‘are you on the internet?’ Your answer to this question will most likely be an unequivocal ‘yes’. In this day and age, with information technology prevalent throughout every aspect of our lives and the almost universal use of computers and the internet, there is almost nobody left on the planet who is not on the internet in one way or another. You have to keep this firmly in mind when writing your law enforcement resume. Even some of the poorest people living in undeveloped nations are on the internet in some form, even if it is just as the subject of a photograph in an article about the people in undeveloped countries – this is still considered being ‘on the internet’.

With that in mind, you will most probably realize that you have a much greater presence on the internet than you first suspected. The problem with being on the internet, especially with regard to your law enforcement resume, is that your internet presence can be highly counterproductive to your efforts to land a job. Of course, most of the time, it is perfectly okay to be on the internet and post photographs and other personal information or comments on movies and books. The problem, however, arises when an inadvertent part of your internet presence exposes something about your personal life that you definitely do not wish for your prospective employers to see even before you go in for an interview.

You can safely assume that these days, a prospective employer is sure to perform an active search for everything that they are able to find out about you, whether before or after your interview. Most of the time, this process comes after the interview. If they feel that you are a likely candidate for hire, then they will perform more in-depth research into you and your life, to see what they are able to uncover.

Make Sure Your Facebook Page Is Secure

The most common occurrence in recent years has been the numerous scandals that have popped up; most of them related to Facebook. There are several examples of people whose promising future careers have been sunk by an entirely inadvertent Facebook post or a couple of photographs put up on Facebook by friends or acquaintances. Several people who were inebriated at parties had their photographs taken in various states of undress and then put up on Facebook by friends just as a prank.  While, there may be nothing wrong with that, a prospective boss may take a dim view of your character, however unjustified it may be. Others have had politically incorrect messages carelessly posted on their Facebook pages by friends, only to have their bosses stumble across those messages.

The problem with Facebook is that the chances that you know someone who knows someone who knows someone else who knows you are very high – so you never know who might have access to the parts of your Facebook page that you restrict to being private and shared only with friends. So when writing your law enforcement resume, one key point to remember is to remove any and all material from your Facebook page that has even the remotest chance of being found and misinterpreted by your prospective employers.

Resume Examples:

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