Human Resources Resume Writing Tips

When applying for a job in the human resources sector, the one thing to keep in mind above everything else is that you are applying for a highly specialized job; one that requires highly specialized skills and your resume should reflect this reality. A job in human resources is ultimately about managing people, and your human resources resume should therefore be slanted towards showing that you have the requisite skills in order to manage people effectively.

Skills that are Valuable for Human Resources Personnel

Among the skills that would be valuable to someone working in a human resources department are the ability to judge a person’s character, to work well with others, to get others to support you willingly and enthusiastically and to gain the trust of others easily. There are a great many other skills that are applicable in the sphere of human resources, and these are but a few examples. An effective human resources resume should convey your possession of at least some of these applicable skills, as this will make you valuable and an asset to the company.

How To Make Yourself Look Indispensable On Paper

One area in which jobseekers consistently have trouble is with making themselves seem like a hiring opportunity that the company cannot afford to pass up. This is often more a problem with phrasing and language than with the actual content of the human resources resume.

This applies in particular to listing your past work experience. Most people have no trouble listing their previous work experience, and you might choose to do so either in reverse-chronological order or based on priority according to the applicability of the particular skill. The problem, however, is with job titles. In your previous company, you might have held a position equal to that of a direct customer relations officer.

Make your Job Title More Relevant

Many companies, however, have the habit of giving common positions uncommon names. You might, for example, have been an employee relations officer but known within the company as an internal communications assistant. Putting this down on your human resources resume could very well lead your prospective employer to think that you were some sort of engineer, and not an experienced hand at dealing directly with employees within the firm.

The solution to this problem is relatively simple – you need to change the names. Instead of listing your work experience based on your previous job titles, you should list them using the description of the position as the heading instead. If you were an employee relations officer, then you should put that down on your human resources resume.

While this might not sound as fancy as the name that your company concocted for your position, the truth is that it much more accurately conveys your true position within the company. It also allows your prospective employer to immediately recognize what your job scope was and thus what your level of experience with human resources matters is. This is very important because interviewers tend to skim cover letters and resumes when deciding whether or not to award an applicant an interview spot, so you must make it clear through your human resources interview that the company cannot afford to let the opportunity to interview you pass them by.

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