How To Write An Ad Response Cover Letter

A large proportion of job offers are made through advertisements in publications such as the local newspaper. Also, in this current age of information technology, more and more job advertisements can also be found online. In fact, it is quite safe to say that a large percentage of job ads are found online today. If you are looking for a job, then chances are fairly high that you will be responding to more than one job offer advertisement. To maximize your chances of being hired, you will need to know how to write an effective ad response cover letter to accompany your resume.

An ad response cover letter conforms to the basic design of a regular cover letter that you might write in response to a direct job offer, with a few additional details. The most important and evident of these details is the direct response to the job offer ad. Prospective employers are always interested in exactly where you found out about the job offer, so it is definitely good for you to tell them before they even have to ask. The place where you found the job offer ad will also tell your prospective employer something about you and your reading habits. 

Layout Of An Effective Ad Response Cover Letter

A good way to write an effective ad response cover letter is to have a layout in mind before you even start writing or typing your ad response cover letter. A good example of an effective ad response cover letter can be found on the CareerRush website, and it provides an example of an excellent layout to use when writing your ad response cover letter.

A typical ad response cover letter should consist of three paragraphs. This is a general guideline, however, and it is certainly open to you to decide that your own cover letter needs more or less paragraphs. Each paragraph should answer a separate question, making it very clear exactly what you wish to bring across to your prospective employer.

• First Paragraph: The first paragraph should talk about where you found the ad that you are responding to in your ad response cover letter. Following that, the rest of the paragraph should provide a concise summary of why you think you are suitable for the position in the company. This might include having work experience in the particular industry or field the company is involved in, or having prior experience in the particular position in question.

• Second Paragraph: In the second paragraph you should then get into the details of exactly why you are interested in the position and what it has to offer. In line with this, you should also give your prospective employer an explanation of how you can be of value to the company, and what skills and talent you will bring to their employment line-up. While this is definitely a good place to sell yourself, remember not to exhaust all of the points that you will also cover in your resume.

• Final Paragraph: The final paragraph can either be a straightforward summary of your interest in the job and your suitability for the position, or it can also include a carry-over from the second paragraph if you ran out of space and it would have been too awkward to make the second paragraph any longer.

By following these general layout tips and content guidelines, you will be well on your way to crafting an effective ad response cover letter that will perk the interest of your prospective employer and make them want to read the rest of your resume.

Check Out Our Example: (Download Text or MS Word Format)

Download This Cover Letter Example (In MS Word or Text Format)

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