How To Write And Deliver A Thank You Letter After Interview

One aspect of the process of applying for a job that many job-seekers neglect is sending a thank you letter after interview. While this may seem like a fairly trivial matter, it is nonetheless important to the overall process, and could mean the difference between being hired and continuing unemployment. In order to successfully apply for a job, you will definitely have to send a thank you letter after interview, and do so in the proper manner as well.

The most important thing to remember about the thank you letter after interview is that you must send it to your interviewer as soon as possible. This means no later than 24 hours after your interview. If you delay for any longer, you lose your chance to solidify the impression which you made during your interview. Since time is of the essence, you should also consider sending your thank you letter after interview through email, instead of through regular post. While there might be some interviewers who are insistent on receiving all communication from you through regular post, in this day and age, most find email a perfectly acceptable means of communicating.

Over the course of applying for a job, you will most likely have encountered people other than your interviewer. You should also take the time to thank these people, and send them thank you letters as well. Too many people make the mistake of only sending a thank you letter after interview to their interviewer, and neglect to show their appreciation for people whom they may find themselves working with in the future. You hardly want your future colleague to think that you are selfish and lack courtesy.

Writing The Thank You Letter

The one key point to remember when writing a thank you letter after interview is that the main purpose of the letter, as its name suggests, is to show your appreciation to your interviewer and whomever else you may have met. This is extremely important, because many people get too carried away with reinforcing the impression they made over the course of the interview that they forget to convey their heartfelt appreciation to their interviewer for taking the time and effort to interview them and get to know them better.

Once you have expressed your sincere thanks to your interviewer, you can then make use of the opportunity that a thank you letter after interview presents you with. It gives you an opportunity to drive home the things you said to your interviewer during your interview, and to make sure that he or she is fully aware of your qualifications and strengths. You can also take the chance to address any points that you might have missed during your interview or that might need clarification.

Be careful however and ensure that your thank you letter after interview does not exceed an acceptable length. Your interviewer would hardly want to read a letter that spans multiple pages. As a general rule of thumb, if your letter is longer than what would fit on a single side of A4 paper, it is much too long.

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