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If you enter a simple search for resume examples in an online search engine, you will most likely get thousands of search results in return. The variety of resume examples and other resume writing resources available on the internet is truly staggering, and with some diligence and effort, you will be able to find everything that you need to learn how to write a successful resume entirely online. One problem with resume examples, however, is that you will soon find that most of the websites that offer resume examples offer at most one or two of them and that these resume examples are typically generic and unimpressive.

The problem is writing a resume requires that you be as specific as possible regarding the industry you are applying for a job in and the circumstances of the particular job that you are applying for. Employers expect employees to be focused and to know what they want when they apply for a job, and the manner in which your resume is written reveals a lot to your prospective employer. Are you truly interested in the job or are you just another time waster? Will you excel at it or will you just be a mediocre employee? These are some of the things anyone reading your resume will be looking for.

The main purpose behind writing a resume in the first place is to allow the person reading your resume an insight into your life, and to put forward your strengths and advantageous character traits. This would be a difficult task indeed if you were to limit yourself to using plain and uninspired resume examples and copying entirely from those resume examples.

Being Industry Specific in Your Resume

One truth about the human psyche is that it delights in company. Humans are, after all, social creatures. A person, even a prospective employer, is always happy to find someone with whom they feel a sense of companionship or shared knowledge. By writing an industry- specific resume, you will be able to better cultivate this sense whenever your interviewer or prospective employer reads your resume.

This is where the CareerRush website scores over its competition. This website offers several different resume examples that are industry specific, unlike several online sources that only offer generic samples. An industry specific resume example will take note of the various quirks and unique features of the industry that it represents, and provide you with an easily accessible means of garnering ideas for your own resume.

Someone looking to find a job in the finance sector, for example, need only go to the CareerRush resume examples page and locate the resume example that is specific to the financial sector. This resume example will then provide for any particular features that should be included in a resume for that industry, such as the exact terms that should be familiar to anyone qualified to work in that industry.

By using resume examples to check your own resume and to see if it conforms to the guidelines for a resume in a particular industry, you will greatly increase the chance that your prospective employer will find your resume interesting and will grant you an interview.

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