Writing An Internship Cover Letter

Internships are most commonly pursued by university students, but they are definitely not limited to students. Many people who have long since graduated, still take up internships when considering whether or not to take up a professional job, such as a job in banking. This article aims to provide guidance as to how to secure a valuable internship through an excellent internship cover letter.

What Benefits do Internships Offer?

When it comes to deciding whether a particular career path is the right one for you, there is really nothing more effective and useful to help you reach the right decision than an internship. Internships are short work experience programs that allow individuals to actually work at a particular job for several weeks so that they get first hand experience as to what it really is like to work in that field.

Another reason why internships are highly sought after is that an internship could very well be your gateway to your next job. While the main purpose of an internship may be to provide you with exposure to the real working environment and day-to-day stresses of a particular job, many companies use internships as a means of scouting for talent. You can be sure that you will be evaluated every day that you are interning at a company and are being assessed for your suitability for hire once you internship period is over.

Do Internship Applications Require a Resume?

Just like applying for a regular job, applying for an internship requires that you send in a resume. For students, many of whom do not yet have the qualifications to write a proper resume, they typically send in a document that is almost identical to a resume, and only lacking in work experience and higher academic qualifications. This means that even students will be expected to write an internship cover letter to be the cover of their resume.

The Importance Of The Internship Cover Letter

The internship cover letter is important not only for its own sake, as an essential part of any resume, but it also serves several extremely useful purposes. With a properly-written internship cover letter, you will find that your chances of landing a highly competitive internship are greatly increased. The reason is that the internship cover letter is the very first thing that your interviewer or potential employer will see when they first pick up your resume. The saying that first impressions are everything is definitely applicable here. You will need to convey the best possible first impression, in order to set your resume apart from those of the many others who are bound to have applied for the same internship that you did.

One of the most important things about writing an internship cover letter, particularly if you are a student, is to be genuine about who you are and what you have to offer the company. Many people are tempted to try to sound like someone whom they think the company would be willing to grant an internship to, but the truth is that it is extremely difficult to guess what sort of intern a company is looking for. By allowing your own personality to show through your internship cover letter, you allow yourself to be sincere, and this is absolutely essential if you are to write a compelling internship cover letter.

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