Placing Your Contact Information on Your Resume

Contact Info on Resume Examples

The resume that you send out is going to work as the first impression that you make on any given person who is put in charge of making a hiring decision for a new company.  Therefore, you need to make sure that anyone who reads your resume will easily be able to get into contact with you if they are curious about learning more about your past.  Where you place your contact information on the resume is going to be vitally important, as you will want to make it accessible but still be professional within the range of the resume itself.

Top and Center is Recommended

Most people who are writing a resume will make sure that all of their necessary contact information is located at the top and center of the resume itself so that anyone reading it can easily find all of the necessary contact information.  While it may be acceptable to place this contact information toward the bottom of the resume itself, should that extra page somehow become detached, there will be no way for the reader to find you again.  Therefore, need to make sure that they know how to reach you very easily.

However, it is equally important that you do not break the format of the rest of the resume; you will still want to make sure that your resume looks clean and professional at all moments.  This means you should keep your contact information looking like the rest of the document itself.  One option would be using a different font to call attention to all of your contact details, although you will want to ensure that it still maintains a fully professional appearance.

Ensure Your Information is Correct

This may sound like an obvious suggestion, yet it is one of the most important tips that you are likely to receive.  There have been many people who have missed out on a job because their contact information was not listed correctly.  One single digit being off on a telephone number will not allow others to get in touch with you and a misplaced letter in an email address will cut off communication.  To avoid this, it is important to make sure that you double check all of your contact information before you submit any resume to an official employer.

It would be a good idea to have someone else help you check all of the details on your resume as well.  This can help you confirm that all of the information listed is correct, complete, and spelled correctly.  You will want to make your resume as perfect as it can possibly be which ultimately means that you are going to need to take all necessary steps to help the resume itself be a great representation of who you are as a professional individual.  While the contact information may seem like one of the smallest parts of the resume, it is also one of the most essential parts and its importance should not be underestimated when crafting your resume.

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