How To Write A Simple Resume

Many people who are looking for a job are so overwhelmed with the idea of having to write their resume that very often the task looms before them like the proverbial mountain. The truth, however, is that there is nothing complex about the idea of writing a resume. A resume is simply a document listing your educational qualifications, job experience and any other achievements that someone looking for a new employee might wish to know. That said, a simple resume that is clear and precise could sometimes prove to be much more successful than a more complex one.

How to write a simple resume? The key to the entire process is to keep the original purpose of resume writing firmly in mind. The basic purpose of a resume is to provide prospective employers with information about job applicants. In this regard, there are several ways in which a resume accomplishes this. A resume must include personal details and information such as educational qualifications, experiences and achievements. Beyond that, a resume must also include a cover letter which states exactly why the job applicant chose to apply for a particular job and in what ways he is suitable for the job.

Focusing on these key areas is exactly how to write a simple resume. All of the other fancy decorations and additional information that so many job applicants like to include in their resumes are, in fact, unnecessary.

Parts Of A Simple Resume

In any resume, the cover letter is almost always the most complicated and difficult part to write. This is because the cover letter goes beyond mere listing of achievements, but requires that you put your feelings and thoughts down into writing. There are, however, some elements that every cover letter must include.

First of all, you will need to state the exact position you are applying for and the reasons for which you are applying for that position. This section need not be lengthy, and your reason for applying for the job might be as simple as saying that the scope of the job interests you.

Next, you need to fit your qualifications and achievements into the context of the job you are applying for, and show your prospective employer how the most important of your qualifications and achievements make you uniquely suited for the position that you are applying for.

These are, in fact, the essentials of what you need to include in a simple resume cover letter. Any further information that you choose to put in may or may not help your job application, but without these elements your chances of landing the job you applied for are next to nothing.

Part of how to write a simple resume is not making things more complicated than they have to be. So when it comes to the rest of your resume, limit yourself to listing your most important and major achievements and qualifications, without adding any embellishment. All of the achievements and qualifications that are particularly applicable to the job you are applying for should be placed at the fore, and anything not completely relevant should be left out.

Once you understand the minimalist concept that drives a simple resume, you will understand just how to write a simple resume. 

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