Save Interview Contact To Send A Thank You Letter After Interview

Have you ever gone out of your way to provide the best possible service to someone and not have them even voice a word of thanks to you? Even if you have never experienced this firsthand, the resulting feelings are not difficult to imagine. This is exactly the sort of circumstance you place your interviewer in when you neglect to send them a thank you letter after interview. Many job seekers fail to realize that this is an extremely important part of the process of securing a new job. The thank you letter after interview is not merely a gesture of appreciation; it is an integral part of the way in which you will be consciously or sub-consciously assessed by your interviewer.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that sending a thank you letter after interview is merely a social convention that they can safely ignore without hurting their job prospects. The truth, however, is that neglecting to send a thank you letter after interview could severely reduce your chances of being selected for the job. This is because many prospective employers see the thank you letter after interview as the last part of the job application process, and a test of whether a prospective employee knows how to observe common courtesy, and whether he will do so in the future when dealing with clients.

One relatively common reason why some people fail to send a thank you letter after interview is because they simply do not have the contact details of their interviewer. This may be due to the interviewer forgetting to give the interviewee their contact details or the interviewee simply forgetting their interviewer’s contact details.

Making Sure You Still Have Those Contact Details When You Leave

In order to avoid hurting your chances of landing the job by failing to send the thank you letter after interview, you should go into your interview prepared to take down the contact details of your interviewer.

Most of the time, your interviewer will actually hand you their name card so that you might contact them with any further information or any questions after your interviewer. Sometimes, however, your interviewer might have forgotten to bring his name cards or have simply run out of them.

In such circumstances you need to be prepared with other means of taking down and remembering your interviewer’s contact details. One of the easiest ways to do so is simply to key the details into your phone. At any other time it would be extremely rude for you to even look at your cell phone while having your interview. If you are clearly doing so for the sole purpose of taking down your interviewer’s contact details, however, this is certainly permissible.

Another great method is to simply bring in a small notebook and a pen. As with regular meetings and briefings, you might actually find yourself wanting to take down notes over the course of your interview. This way, you can also write down your interviewer’s contact details if he or she fails to give you a name card.

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