How To Send A Thank You Email After Interview

If there is one aspect that people most often overlook when it comes to the process of applying for a job, it is sending a thank you email after interview. This part of the job application process is simply ignored or forgotten by a great many job applicants simply because they mistakenly think that the interview is the only influencing factor in the hiring process. However, that is not true and sending a thank you email after interview can have a large impact on the overall success of your job application.

The most common excuse heard by potential employers regarding the lack of a thank you email after interview is that the potential employees did not know how to write such a thank you email. From the perspective of the interviewer however, it is definitely not asking too much to expect a potential employee to understand the basic principle of courtesy behind sending a simple thank you email after interview.

What does a Thank you Email After Interview Signify?

The practice of sending a thank you letter or email after interview originally started out as a true show of gratitude from potential employees who wished to thank their interviewers for taking the time and effort to meet with them and talk about the possibility of employment at their companies. Although sending a thank you email after interview retains the motivation of simply expressing gratitude, today it also stands for much more than that.

Many interviewers consider it a grave error or mistake for a potential employee to neglect to send a thank you email after interview. Employers have come to expect that potential employees should know about the practice of sending thank you emails by virtue of them having done extensive research on job applications and the interview process. To potential employers, any person who has not done such research is no longer considered for the position simply because it shows that they lack the drive to go that extra mile.

Be Sincere in your Thank You Email After Interview

Another mistake that is often made by many potential employees is that their thank you email after interview evidences a complete lack of sincerity. Instead of using this mail to thank the interviewer for taking the time and trouble to conduct the interview, some candidates use this mail as just another avenue for some more self-promotion.  That is permissible in an interview but not in a thank you email.

Keep in mind that your interviewers also appreciate a word of thanks after a hard day’s work. With that in mind, you should make every effort to be as sincere as possible when writing a thank you email after interview. Thank your interviewer for taking the time and effort out of their busy schedule to arrange a meeting with you and get to know you better. It is, of course, accepted that you will attempt to make some effort to reiterate why you are so suited to the job you are applying for and the key qualifications that will make you an asset to the company. You should, however, be vigilant against going overboard and turning your entire thank you email after interview into just a continuation of your interview, without conveying any sincere thanks whatsoever to your interviewer.

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