Components of an Information Technology Cover Letter

Have you recently begun your search for a job in the information technology industry only to find that you haven’t the faintest idea how to write an information technology cover letter in order to secure that job? Every year, thousands of fresh job applicants start searching enthusiastically for jobs, only to hit a snag very early on when they realize that they are completely unfamiliar with the process of writing an adequate information technology cover letter.

What is a Cover Letter?

A good place to start is with the question, ‘What is a cover letter?’ A cover letter acts as the cover page for a resume, providing the introduction to the person sending in the resume and a quick summary of important information that the person reading the resume might need to know in order to make a hiring decision. The importance of the cover letter cannot be overstated;  it is not unheard of for people to be hired based solely on the strength of their cover letter, which sufficiently impressed their interviewer that they did not even have to go through an interview before landing the job.

In the light of the slow recovery from the economic downturn and unemployment rates still high, the importance of a powerful information technology cover letter cannot be underestimated. Information technology is a particularly competitive industry, with many talented individuals competing for the most coveted jobs in the industry. If you are applying for the more popular jobs in the information technology sector, then you definitely require a cover letter that will impress your interviewer.

Breakdown of an Information Technology Cover Letter

After entering the necessary information such as your address and the address of the company you are applying to, the first paragraph of your information technology cover letter should address issues such as the exact position that you are applying for in the company and the reasons why you are applying for that particular position. As this is the very first paragraph of your information technology cover letter, it is important that you take a lot of care when writing this section. Take the time to craft an opening paragraph that will perk the interest of anyone reading your resume. A great way to get your interviewer interested in the rest of your resume is to include some of your relevant qualifications in this section.

Often, a job advertisement will say something about the position being advertised and what that position in that particular company will entail. The second paragraph of your cover letter is therefore a good place to deal with this and to relate your qualifications and your experiences directly to what your potential employer is looking for. When it comes to this section, there is nothing better than using some concrete examples taken from your previous work experience or even from your life in general.

The final paragraph should include the manner in which you might be contacted and of course, some mention of how you look forward to meeting the person reading your resume at your interview.

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