Job Interview Tips: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

 “Why do you want to work here?” can be one of the most difficult to answer questions you are likely to face in an interview. In most cases, an  interviewer will ask you this question simply to see how prepared you are for the interview or how you react under direct pressure. Creating an effective, appropriate answer is one way to ensure that your interview goes well. This is where reading a few relevant job interview tips can hold you in good stead.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

It’s a tough question to answer, isn’t it? You don’t want to sound too gushy with statements such as “Your company is just the greatest!” and you certainly don’t want to say “Because I can’t find anything else!” Most job interview tips will tell you to do a bit of research beforehand. Find out some of the company’s products and services. See what their mission statement is. Try to draft a response that is line with the company’s vision. However, take care not to make your answer sound too rehearsed.

You need to keep this answer positive in every way. Speak about how you feel the company will offer you a great chance to use your skills and experience. If the company offers great benefits, mention it. Don’t mention salary unless the topic is brought up by the interviewer. You may also speak about your past employer, but don’t say anything negative. Simply state that you had risen as far as you could go in the company and you wanted a chance to grow more professionally.

If the company offers educational reimbursement, you can mention this as well. However, you don’t want to appear as if it’s the only reason you want to come on board. You never want to give the interviewer the impression that you are only using their company as a stepping stone. While most interviewers know that ninety percent of the people they hire will likely not be there in ten years, they don’t want to waste their time training someone who will leave in a year or two.

It is best to write out your answer and review it right before you interview. One of the great job interview tips involves a mock interview. A friend asks you a variety of questions that you may hear in an interview, giving you a chance to develop a great answer. Most interviewers know that a job applicant will be nervous. It’s to be expected. However, the key is to control that nervousness so it doesn’t give off the wrong impression.

In Closing

Make use of the job interview tips online. Some will provide information on answering the above and other questions, while others are designed to help with your wardrobe and appearance. There is a lot to consider when you go for an interview if you want to present yourself in a positive light. Many people just “wing it” when it comes to an interview and that can often backfire. Every human resources manager has a story or two about an interviewee that simply was too much. Don’t be one of those stories!

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