Customer Service Resume Example Writing Tips

There are many opportunities for customer service representatives. Virtually every industry today utilizes employees in these positions but that doesn’t mean a well-written, powerful resume isn’t in order. With all of the customer service openings today, there are just as many people looking for work, too. You must have a cover letter and a resume that stands out from the rest of the crowd in order to get that call for an interview. If you are not very sure what constitutes a good resume for this position, take a look at a customer service resume example or two over the internet.

Writing Tips for a Customer Service Resume

Some of the best writing tips include those specifically dedicated to formatting. Now is not the time to utilize colored, strange fonts, or any paper but a high quality resume paper. Traditional formatting is required. Standing out because your resume is formatted differently is not the way you want to be remembered. Standing out because your experience, education, and qualifications speak for yourself is what you want to be remembered for.

A customer service resume example should emphasize any experience you have in the field, but it should also list specific responsibilities. If you have trained new employees, include it under your employment history. If you can quantify one of the responsibilities, that’s even better. Numbers and percentages draw the attention of the reader. For example, “Implemented new training program for new employees” is not as effective as “Spearheaded the implementation of a new training program, which has reduced turnover by 30%.”

Whether you have worked in a call center or in a clothing store, you will have had training about how to handle your responsibilities as customer service representative. Include this training, even if it wasn’t formally obtained through a college. This is especially helpful for those who have not completed a degree program through a college.

What Not to Include

You’ll notice when you look at a customer service resume example online, there are several things that are not included. You don’t have to include references, as employers know to ask for them if they need them. You don’t need a resume that is so full of information that it takes up more than one page. You don’t need to shrink the text down to a minute size just so it will fit, either. Keep any abbreviations limited to those that any layperson would know, as the person reviewing the resume may not understand them.

What You Must Do

You should proofread your work carefully. Grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors tend to jump right off the paper. However, if you’ve been working on your resume for hours, those errors might not be so apparent. Have someone else look over your resume before you send it off.

You should always include a cover letter with your resume. This is often the first impression that a potential employer will get of you and it needs to be positive. Highlight your customer service experience and training, as well as any special certifications. Bulleted lists work great for any quantifying information you can add, as most people’s eyes are drawn to bulleted lists first. Always include your contact information, unless otherwise specified.

Use a customer service resume example to get ideas for your resume content, but don’t copy it directly. Many employers will check to see if any information has been copied. These are the best tips for landing your dream customer service job.

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