Sales Manager Resume Example Writing Tips

Irrespective of whether you are selling cars, clothing, or insurance; sales is a difficult industry. It takes a special type of person to connect with a potential customer. You have to be able to gain their trust, believe in the product you are selling and above all else, close the deal when the customer is on the fence. Good sales people are hard to find and a good sales manager can be even more difficult.

Writing a Sales Manager Resume

Sales Manage resume examples are available on the internet and can be a great source of inspiration. A compelling resume is the best indication your sales experience. If you can sell an employer on your abilities, then it’s very likely you can sell the product they offer. Managing a sales team is a little different, though. Just because you have outstanding sales skills doesn’t mean you have the right managerial skills. Look for a sales manager resume example that shows an increasing level of responsibility, as well as the ability to manage your own team.

If you have experience in management, it should be included in your qualification summary at the top of the resume. You should highlight your sales experience, managerial experience, and your training. This is the best way to grasp the attention of an employer and may be the reason you get a call for an interview.

As you will see in any sales manager resume example, the qualification summary should be a sentence or two. Make it concise, to the point, and effective. When you skip down to the next part of the resume, it should be because the qualification summary was interesting.

Your experience should include the most important responsibilities you have had. It might include the training of new employees, outstanding sales percentages, or a reduction in return rates. Quantify this section of your resume as much as possible, as the reader’s eyes will be drawn to numbers and percentages. However, don’t make up the numbers, as your interviewer may check!

In terms of education, list your college, including your major, as well as any training, specialized conferences, or other ways you have increased your overall knowledge of sales or management. List your degrees and certifications, as well as any current school you are attending.

Pulling It All Together

Even if you’ve made use of a sales manager resume example, don’t overlook the importance of proofreading your final draft. Sending off a resume with an error in it is one of the fastest ways to get overlooked for a job. If you won’t take the time check over your own resume, it stands to reason that you won’t take a proactive approach towards your work at their company. If need be, have someone else proofread it for you, as it’s often hard to pick up on your own mistakes after you’ve looked at some for so long.

In Closing

Your management experience is only one part of the requirements for a sales manager position. If you are just lost when writing your resume, you should look for a sales manager resume example for ideas. However, make sure you change the language and the structure. You need your own work to shine though, not someone else’s.

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