Job Interview Tips: Tell Me about Yourself

A job interview can sometimes be the most intimidating of all experiences. When you feel the open position is perfect for you and you want it badly, it can make you even more jittery. However, there are a few job interview tips that can make it a little easier for you. Most interviewers ask about the same types of questions. If you prepare your answers to these questions ahead of time, you should feel much more comfortable during the interview.

One of the most common questions that you will be asked in an interview is “Would you please tell me about yourself?” This does not mean that the person you are interviewing with wants to hear all about your first car or your childhood, however exciting it may have been. It means that they would like to hear about why you are in this particular industry, a little about your education and some of your experience. This is an important question and it pays to read a few good job interview tips so that you get the answer right.

The Wrong Answer

You do not want to tell an interviewer that you ran away from home at the age of 15, spent time in rehab or have a criminal record. Keep the conversation positive. You should avoid talking about any position you were fired from, a bad performance evaluation, or how much you hated the last company you worked for. One of the most notable job interview tips that you should keep in mind is that it is never okay to bash your previous employer, no matter how much you disliked working there.

The Right Answer

Start with explaining why you are in this industry. For example, “I chose the field of teaching because I wanted to help our young people become productive adults.” That’s a good lead in to speaking of your education, such as where you went to school and what your major was. You can speak a little of previous employment. An example might be, “I went to work for my local school district because it was close to home. After four years, I returned to college to get my Master’s Degree.” This answer shows that you took the initiative to further your education, while getting your degree into the conversation as well.

Many job interview tips say to avoid speaking of your family. However, it could be an asset, if presented correctly. Most job interview tips are trying to avoid the appearance of excessive commitments elsewhere. This might be a family of ten children, a volunteer job that takes away your weekends, or other similar type of commitment. You will know within the first few minutes of the interview whether to add this in or leave it out. If you are in doubt, leave it out.

In Closing

It is important to project a positive image during an interview. The above question is designed to give the interviewer a picture of who you are. You want to keep your answer positive and related in some way to the company’s open position. Interviewing for any job is difficult; however, the right preparation ahead of time, which would include reading a few job interview tips can take care of most of the butterflies during your interview.

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