Free Resume Templates: Nursing Resume Example

In the last decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the need for experienced qualified nurses. It is expected that by 2020, there will be a shortage of over 250,000 nurses just across the United States. If you have the experience and requisite training, you could find employment just about anywhere. However, you will need to create a well-written and well-presented resume.

Finding a Nursing Resume Example Online

When you start looking for a nursing resume example online, the most important thing is to find one that relates to your level of expertise. If you are an RN, then you will want a nursing resume example for RNs. The same if you are an LPN. If you have your BSN or Master’s, then you will want to look for a nursing resume example that is created to highlight that level of education.

One of the most important parts of your resume will be your qualification summary. This should be listed right after your name and contact info and it should highlight your goals, qualifications, and area of specialty. You want this section to grab the attention of the reader so they will continue through the employment and education sections. Of course, the final hope is that you will receive a call for an interview.

The Employment Section

While a nursing resume example will provide you with the correct format, it is often impossible for it to feature more detailed information as this will vary from one person to another. You will want to list the name and type of facility where you previously worked, as well as the dates of employment. List any special responsibilities you might have had, such as training new employees or overseeing a quality assurance program. It is essential that you don’t use generic phrases, such as “performed all aspect of nursing care.” Be detailed and specific.

The Education Section

Not only do you want to list your college education, you will also want to list all of your certifications and additional training. This might include IV Therapy, ALS, or Acute Care training. If you have experience and training on specific equipment, such as in a surgical ward, make sure this is listed as well. This is the one area of your resume that you want to emphasize, since nursing is a continually changing field.

Leave Off the Other Stuff

If you are going to list references, provide them on a separate sheet of paper and no more than three references should be given. Don’t choose your best friend from high school, either, unless they have first hand knowledge of your work ethic and experience. Choose business references that can provide a great deal of knowledge about how you do your job and of course, it helps if it’s all positive! Simply adding, “references available upon request” is futile and unnecessary.

In Closing

A well-written resume is your key to finding the dream job you want in the nursing industry. Make sure you find an appropriate nursing resume example and don’t forget to proofread your resume for any errors before turning it in. Just because there are jobs everywhere for nurses, it does not mean that your resume isn’t important. Put your best foot forward with a great cover letter and resume. Good luck in your job-hunting endeavor.

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