Cover Letter Examples: Responding to a Classified Ad

One of the most popular ways to job hunt today is through the classified ads; this could be classified ads in your local newspaper or online. Most large newspapers list the majority of their job openings in their Sunday edition. Online classifieds, such as Craigslist, have made it much easier for people to post their current openings and they offer the service free of charge. If you haven’t looked for employment online, you could be missing out on your dream job. When you are responding to a classified ad, there are a few things you should keep in mind, especially with your cover letter. Cover letter examples are available all over the internet, so make sure you take a look at those, as well.

Creating an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter is the first impression a company will get of you. You must make sure it’s a positive one. Far too many people simply send in their resume, without a cover letter and wait for a call for an interview. Then they scratch their head wondering why the call never came. If you want to help ensure your resume is chosen for a list to interview, include a well-written, effective cover letter.

If you take a look at cover letter examples, you will see that first and foremost, you will have to provide your name and contact information, including your phone number and postal address. The only time you may not want to include this is if you are responding to a classified ad off one of the internet classified ads. Unfortunately, there are several scams online and you don’t want to give out your home address. It is best to leave a simple contact number for these types of job applications.

Address the cover letter to the right person. If there is a contact name, use it. Otherwise, use a generic greeting, such as “Good Morning.” Do not use “Dear Sir” as you may not know if it is actually a man reading the letter.

In the text of the letter, you should include where you saw the classified ad. It is important to make sure you highlight your qualifications and experience. A bullet list is ideal in a cover letter. Most employers will only skim the letter and look for the “good parts.” Keep your letter concise and to the point. It should include three or four paragraphs and never be longer than one page. Cover letter examples found online can be a great source of inspiration

As a closing, let the company know that you are available for an interview and you look forward to speaking with them. Once you’ve created the letter, you must proofread it for errors. If you have someone to look over it for you, that’s great. Many times, it’s hard to catch your own errors, anyway. Even something as simple as one spelling error can get your letter thrown in the “do not call” pile.

A Few Final Thoughts

Creating an effective resume and cover letter is imperative to getting an interview. Many companies receive hundreds of resumes for one job opening, so you must ensure that yours stands out. If you have trouble crafting a great cover letter, take a look at some cover letter examples online can. Best of luck as you search for your next perfect job!

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