How To Send A Thank You Letter After Interview Email

One of the most important tasks you letters you can ever send is after an interview. Many people overlook this step and sometimes, it can actually be the deciding point in whether you are offered the job. A thank you letter after interview email helps the interviewer remember your resume and interview. If there are several individuals that have applied for the position, any time you can be remembered favorably, it will help your cause.

Writing the Thank You Letter

It is very simple to write the letter. First of all, address it to the person you interviewed with. If you don’t remember their name, go back through your email or contact the company for the correct spelling. If you are not sure about the spelling on the name, make sure you check. Sending a thank you letter with the interviewer’s name spelled wrong is not the kind of impression you want to make!

Keep the thank you letter after interview email short, simple, and to the point. You should thank the person for the time. If you left out anything that might be important to your case, include it. This might be that you’re available for working weekends or nights or that you are qualified to run a specific piece of equipment. You should make it clear that you are very interested in the job and why you feel like you’re a good fit for the company.

End the letter on a positive note, but don’t overdo it. Now is not the time gush over their beautiful office or tell them how much you need this job. Don’t sound desperate. For the right way to do this, look for a sample thank you letter after interview. Email letters should be formatted correctly, so make sure it looks great going out. Email is much faster, too, which can be very important. You may only have a day before the company makes their final decision.

Email or Snail Mail?

If you are mailing the letter by post, then make sure the envelope is addressed correctly, including your return address. Get the salutation right for the intended recipient, such as Mr., Mrs. or Dr. You can find the mailing address and the right salutations on most company websites.

When sending a thank you letter after interview email, make sure the subject line contains something besides “Hi.” Use the subject line to further your cause, such as “Thank you for your time.” In most cases, a thank you letter after interview email will only be glanced over, so make sure it’s well-written and to the point.

In Closing

Don’t neglect this important step of the job-hunting process. Many people just walk out the door after the interview and never look back. It only takes a few moments to send a thank you letter after interview email. It’s also some of the most important email you’ll ever send. You wanted to make a lasting impression during your interview. You want the job and you’re right for the job. This is the last step in making all that possible. Best of luck in your job hunting!

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