In What Format Should I Email My Resume?

Resume Examples Formatted for Email

It is vitally important to figure out what steps you need to take to ensure that your resume is being received in the right formats when you are required to send it via email to a prospective employer.  Electronic forms of communication are becoming more and more prevalent, which means that you need to figure out how you should craft your resume so that it will be read in the right way when you send it through email.  There are a number of formatting problems which could cause problems unless you are careful about what you are doing.

How Does Email Formatting Mess Things Up?

One of the unfortunate facts about using email to send documents is the fact that some email carriers will alter the document itself when you send it.  This can be anything from introducing an extra line of spacing which can throw off the entire document, to encrypting the document itself so that only certain users can open it.  While this can be helpful in some circumstances, it can certainly hamper the way in which you get your resume out to all of the interested parties and finding a solution is important.

The first thing that you will need to do when sending your resume out by email is to enlist the help of a few friends that use various types of email services.  Send your resume to each of these friends so that they can report back to you how the resume itself came through.  This can let you know where it will be safe to send your resume as it stands and through which means you need to alter your email so that it arrives correctly.  It can be a very important stage to ensure that you keep your resume as professional as possible.

Prepare a Number of Formats for Your Resume

Another key factor may come through preparing a few different versions of your resume which can be sent to prospective employers.  Look to what some of the most popular types of documents are.  When you are able to craft your resume so that it can be used with each of these types of documents, you should be able to have a widely-accepted base for your electronic resume to be read.  This can include Microsoft Word, among other various popular word processing programs.

You may also want to consider crafting your resume in a format which is widely accepted, even if it does not have proper formatting tools on hand.  Wordpad is a very simple example of a program you would turn to when you need to ensure that your necessary information shows up on any given computer.  The text given with wordpad is not glamorous but it can get the information that you need across.  That can help you reach out to the various prospective employers and make sure that you are going to ultimately have the best chance of getting called back for the job interview that will help you land the position.

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