Entry Level Resume Sample Writing Tips

If you are job hunting for the first time or you are transferring over into a completely new career, you will need to design an entry level resume. While this does not mean you cannot highlight your skills and experience, it should be written a little differently from one you would create for your current employer. Entry level jobs are available with almost every company, as they want new ideas and fresh attitudes within their business. In order to land one of these jobs, you are going to have to dust off your writing, communication and English skills. Finding a great entry level resume sample to get inspiration from will also help.

Five Tips for Creating an Effective Entry Level Resume

First of all, don’t dwell on the fact that you do not have the experience to apply for a job with the company that requires more skills. Just because you don not know everything about the industry does not mean you cannot learn. Your ability to learn and implement new things into your work day is one of the most important qualities you can highlight on this type of resume.

Second, make sure your resume accurately reflects the skills you do have, such fantastic communication or clerical skills. If you have some previous experience, it’s vital that you list that as well. Include any equipment you can operate, the training you have completed, and your education. You have to make sure your resume stands out from the dozens of others that the company will receive.

Third, if you have a stable work history, include it, too, even if it is in a completely different industry. In decades past, many people stayed at one job for thirty years. While there are still those that do today, many people move from job to job to gain experience, a better salary, or a better working environment. If you can show that you are dependable, reliable, and ready to stay past the orientation, you’re going to have a better shot than many of the applicants.

Fourth, if you don’t have much of a job history, then you should highlight your accomplishments and skills. Include any volunteer work, as this shows initiative on your part. You can often an entry level resume sample that helps shift the focus away from your employment history and onto your skills. Everyone has something they can list as an accomplishment – you just have to determine the best way to word yours.

Fifth, make sure you include a cover letter with your resume. Some employers don’t even glance at a cover letter, but many will. It will give you a chance to explain a little more about why you want the job and why you’re the best one for it.

A Few Final Thoughts

Choosing the right format for your entry level resume is important, too. Use a functional format if your resume lacks the employment history, as this one is used to highlight accomplishments and skills. A chronological format is great for those with a stable work history, but may have a lack of education past high school. You can find an entry level resume sample for each of these types of formatting all over the internet.

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