Writing a Thank You Letter After Interview

You’ve made it through the two most difficult phases of find a job – the resume and the job interview. It is hard enough to create a resume that captures a potential employer’s attention. Getting through the job interview and feeling as though you stand a chance also isn’t easy. However, you are not done yet. Instead of sitting around waiting to get the call, it’s time to write a thank you letter. A thank you letter after interview is a great way to make sure you are not easily forgotten.

When Should You Send a Thank You Letter After Interview?

It is considered good business etiquette to send a thank you letter after interview. It gives you a chance to stand out to the employer and they will appreciate the gesture. When should you send it? The answer is as soon as possible. The next day is best, as many companies only spend one or two days on interviews. The letter will not do you any good if they have already filled the position.

What to Write

A thank you letter after interview does not have to be a two page letter that includes all the points in your resume. It should be a personal note that thanks the interviewer for their time. You should include a couple of quick, positive points about the interview and if you forgot anything during the interview, you can add it in as well. This might be that you can work different shifts or weekends.

Address it to the person with whom you interviewed with and get it in the mail as soon as possible. While email is certainly replacing the traditional postal service, it’s not quite good etiquette yet to email a thank you letter after interview. However, if you have interviewed a good distance from home, email is faster and may be appropriate. If possible, though, drop the letter in the mail.

Common Questions About Thank You Letters After Interview

One of the most common questions about thank you letters and job interviews have to do when you have multiple interviews before a decision is made. In most cases, you will not interview with the same person, so it’s best to send a note after each interview. If you do interview with the same person, send a note after the second meeting.

Another question that often arises is what to do when if you cannot remember the name of the person you interviewed with. Unfortunately, this is quite common, but you should make a conscious effort to remember their name. If you don’t, then you could call the company and ask which person was conducting interviews or ask for the proper spelling. These thank you notes should be a personal as possible, so don’t make the mistake of send a note addressed to the “department head” or the general company mail.

In Closing

Writing a thank you note to the person you interviewed with is the right business etiquette. A thank you letter after interview helps keep your name and your resume in the minds of those responsible for hiring and you can often address anything you forgot to mention in the interview.

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