Resume Objective Examples and Writing Tips

Most employers receive dozens, even hundreds, of resumes for one single position within their company. Those resumes that stand out are for the people that get a call to come in for an interview. Getting to that stage of the hiring process is difficult and it’s going to require a resume that captures the employer’s attention. One of the most important part of your resume is the objective.

Creating a Great Resume Objective

A detailed objective is one of the most important bits of information you can put on your resume. If you need to find resume objective examples, they are all over the internet. However, some are not very good, so you need to know what a great objective consists of and how to create it.

Each time you apply for a new position, you should look for new resume objective examples and change the objective. For example, if you are applying for a customer service position, focus more on that than you would for a sales position. Choose one or two skills that will benefit the company you want to work for. If you will need a high level of computer software skills, accentuate that in your objective.

State your goals in your objective. Be specific and don’t use generic terms. Here’s another example of a generic objective: “Looking for a career in the sales industry.” Instead, create a generic objective: “A position that will further my career in the automotive sales industry and lead to a sales manager for a major automotive corporation.” These types of specifics will get your resume noticed. Your short term and long term goals should be included in some facet in your objective.

You should also be assertive. Let the person reviewing the resume see that you know exactly what you want and how to get it. Convey your desire for the position, but also let the employer know why you are the best person for the job. However, arrogance is not looking kindly upon, so don’t push the assertiveness too far.

Where to Find Help if You Need It

There are a number of places you can go to find help with resume objective examples. Your local career center has professionals that have helped hundreds of people create the impressive resumes that get people hired. They have resume objective examples you can look at and they ask the right questions to help you express your goals.

The internet has several resume objective examples, too, but as mentioned above, some of these may not be what you need. They may be too simple or geared towards the wrong industry. Just because a resume objective sample is given, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

In Closing

When it comes to your resume, you can improve the chance of getting called for a interview with the right objective. It should be concise, contain your short and long term goals, and list one or two skills of yours that the employer needs. Make sure you look for new resume objective examples for each resume you send out so it is tailored to an employer’s specific needs. Don’t use generic objectives and make sure that your proofread your resume several times before sending it out.

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