Job Interview Tips: Why Should We Hire You?

The number of questions that an interviewer can ask is virtually unlimited. Some questions you can easily prepare for, such as those about your educational qualifications and your work experience. Others questions, especially those that are open-ended, can be quite difficult. One of the questions that can be quite frustrating is “Why should we hire you?” If you have an interview ahead of you, here are a few job interview tips to help you answer complex questions such as these.

The Right Answers

This question can easily make or break an interview. It’s really not one that you want to answer off the top of your head. Before the interview, it is important that you garner some information about the company. This bit of background will help you develop an answer that shows the company they really should hire you!

Your answer should include a point about what the company needs and why you’re the one they should hire to fulfill that need. If the position is for a highly skilled position, you should highlight your experience and training. If the position calls for exceptional people skills, then you should include a statement or two about how well you can communicate and respond to people’s needs.

The Wrong Answers

It is easy to say, “I’m the best person for the job.” However, you do not know the qualifications of the other applicants and this response shows arrogance. You also do not want to sell yourself short, either. Don’t say something generic, such as “I’ve always wanted to work in this industry.”

This question is usually one of the first ones an interviewer will ask. Your answer will help set the tone for the rest of the interviews. Most job interview tips are centered around showcasing your skills and experience. However, there is a point when you need to show your knowledge of the company. Not only does this show initiative on your part, it also could be the difference between you and another person getting the job offer.

Crafting the Right Answers

Job interview tips will always tell you that preparation is key to a successful interview. They usually list several questions that you should expect and be prepared for. What first comes to mind when you hear the question, “Why should we hire you?” Is it because your skills and experience perfectly fit their requirements? Perhaps it’s because you want to become part of their growing and evolving company. Make sure your answer is to the point, but you should give more than just a sentence or two.

In some cases, the interviewer is more concerned with how you respond than exactly what you say. Anyone who does interviews on a continual basis has heard some very strange answers. In some cases, those answers may be overlooked if the interviewee is confident, without being arrogant, professional, and personable, without begin too casual.

A Few Final Thoughts

An interview can be stressful. The best job interview tips help you prepare for it and create the right answers. Companies are used to nervousness during interviews, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Answer the question, “Why should we hire you?” before you go into the interview, so you are not stammering around trying to find the right words.

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