How to Write a Resume and Avoid Age Discrimination

Resume Examples: Avoiding Age Discrimination

One of the most unfortunate facts about businesses is that they like to hire younger people.  This may be for a number of various reasons, including the fact that the younger someone is when they are hired, the more likely that person will be to stick with a company for a longer period of time.  When a candidate is passed by for age reasons however, age discrimination has been committed.  While this is illegal, it is also something which is not easily proven.  Therefore, when filling out your resume, you will want to take steps to ensure that you do not become a victim of age discrimination.

How Do Employers Discriminate Against Age?

It will be harder for an employer to discriminate against your age once they have met you for an actual job interview.  You will not be able to easily hide your age from them at this stage and if you do an impressive job at your interview, you will prove that you are the most qualified candidate.  Age discrimination most often happens, however, when an employer first picks up your resume.  Looking through everything listed, a trained eye could begin to see what the true age of an applicant may be.

Although it is not legal for that recruiting agent to pass your resume by, there are a number of reasons that they could use for discarding your resume.  Therefore, you will want to know how to craft your resume so that you do not fall prey to this happening.  The area where most employers will discover what your true age may actually be could come in the area of your prior job listings and your educational experience.  By looking at your work experience, an employer may be able to get a better idea of what your age actually is.

How Do You Keep This From Your Resume?

You will need to be truthful when you are putting your resume together, although you will also want to take steps to make sure that you are as attractive as possible.  One way to do this is by only listing your work experience within the past 10 to 15 years.  Ideally, every position you have held within this time will have been in your job field and you can show that you have the necessary skills to perform.  Any positions held which do not have a bearing on applying for this current job should potentially be left off of the resume itself.

There may be pressure to include the dates at which you worked any specifics position.  If the dates may betray your true age, you could consider listing the length of time that you held those positions instead of the dates that you worked them.  This is one easy way to show that you have the necessary amount of time and experience to be valuable in any position without betraying what your true age actually may be.  That can get you called back for an interview whereupon you will be able to prove that you are the best qualified candidate for the job.

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