Customer Service Resume Sample Writing Tips

The customer service industry encompasses so many different positions. When you are creating a resume that is targeted to this niche, a customer service resume sample can help you. You can get some inspiration as to what you should include, as well as what you should leave out. Developing an effective customer service resume is essential for landing that job you’ve always dreamed of.

Tips for a Great Customer Service Resume

One way to make sure your resume sticks out from the others is to include numbers and percentages. These might be from increasing sales or decreasing customer complaints. It could be from creating a better way to streamline a process, resulting in less man-hours. If you handled a tremendous call load, then list the number of customers you were able to take care of while still maintaining a high level of care. Work the numbers into your resume and watch how many interviews come your way.

Customer service jobs are always in high demand, whether it’s in a retail store or in a call center. The customer service resume example you use should be one that is tailored to the industry in which you want to work. Listing tons of call center experience may not be the direction you nee to take for a position in a department store. Choose right customer service resume sample for the career path you’re interested in.

As for that customer service resume sample – make sure you don’t use the same working in your resume. Employers are very familiar with the templates available on the web and they look for resumes that are similar. Make sure you change up the wording and create a resume that’s truly your own. A generic resume isn’t always best, either. Instead of listing your objective as “to become a customer service manager” use a specific goal, such as “to become a customer service manager in the clothing sales industry, where my ten years of design and sales experience can add value to the customer service team.” Direct your objectives to each company you apply for instead of one objective for hundreds of job openings.

Listing Accomplishments and Education

When you are listing your accomplishments and employment history, make sure you detail at least one that benefited the company in terms of customer service or sales. These industries are so closely related, that you can easily add both to your customer service resume. 

In terms of education, list all colleges you attended and define what your major was. You don’t have to list your GPA, but if you carried at 4.0, it certainly won’t hurt. If you took accelerated classes in high school, include those, as well. If you are still continuing your education, include your current college, too.

In Closing

Make sure you don’t embellish the customer service resume sample resume too much, as this can come back to haunt you if you were hired. Most employers spend a lot of time completing backgrounds on prospective employees and nothing will kill your chances of getting hired faster than lying. A well written resume will capture the attention of a potential employer, so make sure you take the time to proofread it; a simple misspelling can often cost you an interview.

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