Writing a Secretary Resume Example

In today’s business world, secretaries are doing much more than simply typing up letters and answering the phone. These men and women are vital components of a well-run business and many executives would not be as effective without them. When you are looking for a secretary resume example, there are a few things that you should know before you begin.

Choosing the Right Secretary Resume Example

Because a secretary’s job description can vary so much between employers, it is important to find an example that will adequately describe your past duties. While you may have exceptional telephone and people skills, you may not have the experience needed on specific computer software programs. Choosing a secretary resume example that has devoted an entire section to the different types of software you are comfortable with could end up leaving you with a big hole in your resume.

There are templates and examples all over the internet. The key lies in choosing the one secretary resume example that is formatted correctly for your past experience. While you can also find numerous examples for generic templates, many of these don’t go into enough detail about your last job description.

Consider writing your own secretary resume example. This can be the template you need to create a resume that will capture the attention of potential employers. Since many companies are looking for specific skill sets, such as knowledge about certain computer programs, you can tailor your resume to highlight those areas.

Listing Skills Is Important

One of the most common errors seen on a secretary resume example is they often do not have an area to list your skills. This is something that you will definitely need so you can list your talents for your potential employer to see. This does not mean you should list the results of your last typing test but employers do need to know if your typing speed is approaching supersonic! Other skills that are important include specific record keeping tasks, multi-line phone banks, above average organizational skills or multi-tasking experience. Don’t be afraid to brag a little. If you completely revamped a system for report employee expenses, make sure you include it.

Experience and Training Is What Can Set You Apart

A great secretary resume example will also be tailored to your employment history. You’ve seen the resumes for those with several different employers in a short period of time and those who have spent years at the same company. While changing jobs frequently does not always have a negative impact, for companies that want a steady job history, you should choose a secretary resume example that highlights skills over employment. When you’re called in for an interview, you can answer any questions the employer may have concerning your job history.

A Final Thought or Two

A secretary resume example can help you develop a resume that captures the attention of a potential employer. With the economy somewhat questionable today, your resume must stand out in order to get that call back for an interview. Something as simple as a missed comma or a misspelled word can land your resume in the proverbial “don’t bother” pile. Make sure your resume correctly represents your work!

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