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If you are looking for a job and have not had the best of luck with the ads in the classifieds, then perhaps it is time for you to change tactics. Instead of you going to employers, perhaps it is time for you to let them come to you. While this may sound completely counter-intuitive to someone who really needs a job, the truth is that many companies need hardworking and reliable employees just as much. On the CareerRush homepage, you will find a list of all resume distribution tools you will need in order to get your resume out there for potential employers to find.

While each tool takes a different approach to the task of matching potential employees with employers, the general idea is the same – putting your resume out there in the wilds of the internet for potential employers to hunt down. Making use of these tools will greatly increase the chances of your resume ending up on the desk of a potential employer who is looking for someone just like yourself.

Different Types Of Distribution Tools

The first and most common of the distribution tools available is the resume database. These websites function on a simple premise. Jobseekers sign up with the website and upload their resume onto the database, which is made available to the public or to certain groups of recruiters, depending on the exclusivity of the website. Those companies that are looking to hire will have their human resources personnel combing every possible resource for potential employees, and this will definitely include online resume databases. If a recruiter finds your resume and likes what he sees, then he will call you and schedule an interview for you, making this the easiest possible method of landing a job.

Another type of distribution tool is the bidding site. These websites function slightly differently, and generally cater to individuals with specific technical skills that might be in demand. Writer, editors, and software programmers, for example, have skills that many companies require at certain times but not on a regular basis. This makes bidding sites the perfect place for them to find people with the necessary skills to take on one-off jobs. This is also the solution of choice for companies that cannot afford to hire someone with the skills they require on a permanent basis.

There are also websites that have databases of available jobs, and proceed to match new sign-ups to the site to existing jobs in their database. This makes them slightly different from resume databases, and they usually cater to people looking for lower-paying jobs such as jobs that pay by the hour.

No matter what tool you choose to use in your search for a job, however, you can be sure that using these tools in addition to the regular methods of job searching will greatly increase your chances of landing a job. Most of the distribution tools that you will find listed on the CareerRush homepage are free-to-use, so you really have nothing to lose in giving at least some of these distribution tools a try.

Use CareerRush’s Resume Distribution Tools to Get Maximum Exposure for Your Resume

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