Placing Statistics and Amounts on Your Resume

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One thing that prospective employers like to see is resolute statistics that prove how valuable a certain applicant will be.  The entire point of a resume is to show those companies which you are applying for what you have accomplished in the past, where your talents and qualifications are, and why you should be hired for the new job.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through the correct placing of statistics and amounts on your resume, for these specific examples are going to give you a leg up toward standing out against the rest of the crowd.

What Do Statistics and Numbers Say?

The best part about statistics is that they give an absolute definition of a fact about your past.  When you place definite statistics on your resume, you are showing anyone who is reading your resume a fact that they can use toward accepting you as the best new employee that they could hire.  A statistic is a fact that is going to help you stand out above the rest of the crowd for it is a number that can be referenced later on, proving that you are not being subjective with your analysis of your qualifications.

Numbers are also an attractive thing for recruiters and business managers to have because it will give them an absolute figure that they can work with.  Instead of learning that you have experience with dealing in a certain field, they will be able to look at the overall volume of work that you have been able to produce, which in itself is not something that most applicants are able to provide.  Therefore, the more pertinent numbers that you can include as a part of your resume, the better a chance you will actually have toward standing out above the rest of the crowd.

How Do You Work Numbers and Statistics In?

You will always want to be careful about the way that you bring numbers and statistics into your resume, however.  If you do not handle the process well, it is going to appear as if you have not taken the time to craft a professional looking resume.  That may only serve to hurt you in the end.  Therefore, it is important that you should look into various methods that help you to introduce these vital numbers into your resume in a way that will get them noticed in a positive manner.

The closer to the top of your resume that you place all of your most important details; the more likely they are to be noticed by the right people.  This means that you should figure out what structure you are going to use that will allow you to use statistics relating to your personal past work experience.  You will also want to resolutely show what numbers are going to be the most impressive to those officials who are reading your resume itself.  The better that you are able to make yourself stand out using facts, the stronger of a contender you will be for any job.

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