Creating A Job Interview Thank You Letter

If you think in terms of everyday living, the practice of saying thank you is a courtesy that everyone around the world is expected to observe. No matter whether you are in the world, every culture has developed the habit of saying thank you. Creating a job interview thank you letter is exactly the same. The practice of saying thank you definitely applies in this situation as well. Many people have the impression that once their job interview is over, they no longer need to do anything but wait for the call that will tell them whether or not they landed the job.

The truth, however, is that a follow-up is always necessary if you truly want to land the job. A good way to think of this would be if a friend approached you for a favor, you would definitely expect him to say thank you even if you were eventually unable to do that favor for him – at least you heard him out. The situation after a job interview is exactly the same – the least you could is thank your interviewer for having taken the time to meet you and hear you out.

Courtesy aside, a job interview thank you letter also serves a more practical purpose in terms of helping you land that job you want. The fact is that many employers view the thank you letter as a sign of a potential employee who is truly interested in landing a job. Their take on the situation is that an uninterested potential employee would never take the time and effort to write and send in a job interview thank you letter, but an enthusiastic potential employee would jump at any chance to communicate further with his potential employer and follow-up on his job interview.

Using The Job Interview Thank You Letter To Your Advantage

In fact, you can use the thank you letter to your advantage. It presents you with yet another avenue to sell yourself to your potential employer and ensure that you give them the best possible impression of you. What many people fail to realize is that the post job interview thank you letter is like the icing on the cake or the ribbon on the packaging. While you were having your job interview, you would undoubtedly have learnt a lot more about the company, the way in which it functions and exactly what it is looking for in an employee. You can use this to your advantage by reconciling that with your qualifications, achievements, and everything else about yourself, and including that in your thank you letter. This way, your employer will be more inclined to view you in the best possible light when comparing you against other potential employees.

Also, the job interview thank you letter is a great chance to include anything that you might have left out during your interview. There are sure to be things that you wanted to mention but failed to do so due to time constraints or the pressure of being in an important interview. Whatever the reason, sending in a thank you letter will allow you to slip in whatever it is that you wanted to say without the embarrassment of trying to call up your interviewer and explain that there was something you forgot to tell them.

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