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Remember when you were in the first grade you were asked to write a short essay for the very first time and you did not the faintest idea of where to begin? Many fresh graduates looking to apply for their very first job face the exact same situation, years later and the prospect is often just as daunting. The problem with resume writing is that most people are simply thrown into the situation of having to write their own resume without ever having received any instruction at all as to how to do so properly. Only a few of the best schools have programs that teach students how to write proper resumes, so that they are armed with that knowledge when they enter the working world but most students are not so fortunate.

Instead, job applicants have to turn to books and the internet for even the most basic resume writing tasks, such as working out the format for their resume. Formatting is a very important aspect of resume writing, because making sure that your resume is pleasing to the eye and easy to read is essential to holding your interviewer’s attention for those extra few seconds required for them to decide to bring you in for an interview.

Of the many tools and resources available online to help job applicants with the process of writing their resume, none are quite as useful as the CareerRush resume builder template. This tool has been designed specifically with first-time resume writers in mind, and it will help you with one of the most important yet most tedious parts of resume writing – formatting. Many inexperienced resume writers struggle with such problems as what font to use when writing their resume, which information should come first, and how information should be spaced out.

Making Your Task That Much Easier

With the CareerRush resume builder template, you need not worry about the formatting of your resume. Instead, you simply need to have your information and details on hand, input it into the resume builder template, and you will have your resume made-to-order. Doing this will save you a great deal of time and trouble if you do not already know how to format your resume. Instead, you will have a great looking resume complete and ready for you to download to your computer as soon as you finish filling in your details, information and qualifications in the resume builder template.

While some people are against the idea of using resume builder templates, this is not something you need to worry about with the CareerRush resume builder template. Most other resume builders craft your resume for you using the information you provide, even down to your cover letter. This would result in your having a resume that was unoriginal and probably identical to the hundreds of other people who have used that particular resume builder. With the CareerRush resume builder template however, your resume will be original and the only input provided by the builder itself is the positioning and placing of the information that you provide. Furthermore, the CareerRush resume builder does not claim to be able to write your cover letter for you, so that is another part of your resume that will definitely be original as you have to write it yourself. (With our help of course from our free downloadable cover letter examples.)

And the best part of using the CareerRush resume builder template is that this service is offered entirely free by the CareerRush website.

HOW IT WORKS: (Watch Video Below)

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