How To Write And Send A Thank You Letter After Interview Email

There are times when you may feel super confident about acing the job interview that you just went for. Perhaps you feel secure in the knowledge that you stood out (in your opinion) from among the many other job applicants applying for the same position. It could be because you have had significant experience in a related line of work or you feel you have superior academic qualifications that will set you far ahead of everyone else. While this would be an ideal situation, reality is usually very different. Oftentimes, interviewers have an immensely difficult time trying to choose between job applicants who are all very similar to each other in terms of suitability for the job and qualifications. At times like this, the slightest bit of difference between applicants could mean the difference between landing the job and receiving one of those ‘thank you for applying but…’ letters.

Sometimes, when the scales are almost evenly balanced between two candidates, the decision to hire or not to hire can come down to as small a difference as whether one candidate sent in a thank you letter after his interview while the other did not. The exact history and origin of the practice of sending thank you letters after a job interview cannot be accurately pinpointed, but in this day and age, this practice has become the norm, and is even expected by interviewers. While a handful of interviewers feel that the sending of thank you letters is a needless nicety that simply creates that much more correspondence that they have to sort through, most other interviewers welcome the practice as a method of sorting the truly interested applicants from the ones simply going through the motions.

Many an interviewer treats a thank you letter as a sign that an applicant is still interested in landing the job, even after the interview itself is over. Their reasoning is that someone who was simply going through the motions of randomly applying for a job at every company would not bother sending out thank you letters to all the companies he interviewed with, whereas a serious applicant will definitely take the time and effort to send a thank you letter and to send a well-written one too.

Thank You Letter By Way Of Email

While many people still adhere to the tradition of sending all correspondence to do with a job application through regular post, the arrival of the technology age has resulted in more and more people switching from regular post to email and other internet-based forms of communication and correspondence. Whether or not you should do this will depend entirely on the situation as you observe it while at your interview, your correspondence with your interviewer and any other representative of the company before your interview, and general practice in that industry.

If, for example, you found out about the job opening through the company’s website and you were instructed to fill out a form online and then email your resume to the company’s human resources department, then you should definitely send your thank you letter in the form of an email. This is because, in such a case, it is quite obvious that the company prefers to handle things to do with job applications online, and probably does not have very much experience keeping track of and answering letters that come by regular post.

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