Information Technology Cover Letter Example And Writing Tips

The key to writing an effective cover letter is specificity. You need your cover letter to be specific to the industry and position that you are applying for; otherwise you will become just another one of the crowd sending in their resume with no clear idea of what they want. If the person reading your vague cover letter gets the impression that you are undecided about what you want, he or she is going to doubt whether granting you an interview would even be worth the while. Chances are, your resume will end up in the discarded pile with so many others that did not pique their interest.

Specificity is doubly important when you write your cover letter because, as the name suggest, the cover letter is in fact on the cover of your resume and will be one of the very first things that your interviewer reads when they pick up your resume. If, on reading your cover letter, your interviewer finds that it conveys a true desire to work in the information technology industry and even better, that your personal objective is to work in a position exactly like the one that needs to be filled, then you can bet that your interviewer will take the time to read the rest of your resume.

Where To Look For Information Technology Cover Letter Examples

A great way to improve on your information technology resume or get a start on it if you have no idea where to begin is to find a good information technology cover letter example. There are many of such examples to be found from sources such as books on resume writing and online. The internet remains the most accessible and largest resource at your disposal if you are looking for information technology cover letter examples.

Examples such as the one available on the CareerRush website are an excellent way to shore up a cover letter that you feel is lacking or to get you started on the template and form of an information technology cover letter if you have no idea where to begin.

Using Industry-Specific Terms To Your Advantage

Another facet of writing an information technology cover letter that is commonly overlooked is the sheer importance of using industry-specific keywords and terms. Industry-specific terms are words and terms that a person would commonly label as being ‘technical jargon’. In other words, they are terms that you would only use if you were involved in the particular industry in question.

The reasons why you should make use of industry-specific key terms are relatively straightforward. The first, and most important, reason is that interviewers are looking for the most suitable person to fill the position they are interviewing for and nothing shows your suitability better than achievements or qualifications that include industry-specific keywords in their titles. With regard to the information technology industry, instead of writing perhaps that you were a ‘department manager’, you should be specific about the department that you managed, and write ‘server farm troubleshooting team manager’. This is a sure way to get yourself noticed much more quickly and will help you stand a better chance of landing that job you want.

See the CareerRush Information Technology Cover Letter Example

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