Resume Examples By Industry in MS Word Format

When you receive advertisements in the mail that you have absolutely no interest in, do you bother to read them at all or do you throw them away in the trash without so much as a second glance? Transfer the same situation over to an interviewer’s domain.

To an interviewer, a resume that is not tailored to the job on hand can be compared to the junk mail that floods your mail box. This is because each interviewer has to look at literally thousands of resumes every time they conduct interviews for a new job opening. Because of this, interviewers never have the time to read through every resume in its entirety; in fact, an applicant would be lucky if their interviewer even scanned through their whole resume. Most of the time, the interviewer will glance through the first one or two pages of your resume and see if anything there catches their eye. If not, then your resume will go into the ‘discard’ pile. This is most definitely not what you want to have happen and that is why it is important that you should tailor your resume by industry if you are looking to apply for a job.

If this is your first time applying for a job and sending in your resume or you are still unsure as to how exactly you go about tailoring your resume for a job opening in a particular industry, there are a variety of resources available online that you can use to help yourself.

Tips For Using Resume Examples By Industry

Resume examples are easily available online, and you can find excellent resume examples sorted by industry on the CareerRush website. At CareerRush, not only will you resume samples that are specific to industry but also those that are specific to particular positions. For instance, you can find resume examples that are available for those applying for jobs in the human resources industry, engineering, finance and information technology among several others. There are also resume examples for those applying for such positions as a secretary, chief executive officer and sales manager.

Most of the resume examples you will find, including those on the CareerRush website, are available in Microsoft Word document format. This is not only the format that most people are used to using on their personal computers, it is also the format preferred by interviewers. If you are applying for a job where you will be sending in your resume via email, you should ensure that your resume is in the Microsoft Word document format. Chances are your interviewer will definitely have the software required to view your resume if it is in Microsoft Word document format but he or she might not have the required software to view your resume if it is in some other, more obscure format.

If you are having trouble creating your own resume that is specific to the industry and a position that you are applying for, you should definitely pay a visit to the CareerRush website and use one of their resume examples sorted by industry as a template for your own resume.

Check Out CareerRush’s Resume Examples By Industry

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