Resume Objective Examples And Writing Tips

One question that first-time resume writers often ask is what exactly is a resume objective? A resume objective is really quite simple and usually consists of a few sentences that will give your potential employer a good idea of what your career goals are. In a good resume, the resume objective should be the first thing a potential employer reads and it should give him a good idea of what you are looking for in a job and in your career even before he starts reading the rest of your resume.

The resume objective is important for one simple reason – if well-written, it will help to perk a potential employer’s interest and catching the attention of a potential employer is the single most difficult part of applying for any job. This is because a potential employer is bound to have hundreds or even thousands of job applications from individuals looking for jobs, particularly in the case of well-paying and highly desirable jobs. The interviewers and human resources personnel are bound to get tired of reading resume after resume, and they quickly start looking for things that catch their eye instead of reading resumes in full or even in part. Having a well-written resume objective will let your potential employer know that you are what they are looking for in an employee and that you see yourself filling the exact position that they need filled.

How To Write A Good Resume Objective

The general guidelines that you should keep in mind when writing your resume objective are that you should keep it short and to the point and it should provide the details of what position you are looking for and in what sort of industry. This means that you will need to tailor your resume objective specifically for the industry that you are looking to land a job in.

An example of a resume objective for an engineer might be, “Motorized machinery engineer position for information technology or motor vehicles manufacturing.” This resume objective thus serves two distinct purposes. The first is it identifies specifics about the job applicant’s intended job market and industry, with the exact position that he is seeking. The second is it makes use of keywords specific to the desired industries. This will make it much easier for potential employers to find your resume if you choose to list it on job resume databases.

The degree of specificity you make use of in your resume objective is also dependent on exactly what you are going to use your resume for. If, for example, you are going to send your resume to a particular company to apply for a particular position, your resume objective will need to be that much more specific. It should specify the exact position that you are applying for in the company and the industry that the company operates in. If, however, you are going to be listing your resume on a database, then you should make your resume objective slightly less specific so that it will appeal to a wider range of potential employers in more than one specific industry.

As long as you keep these guidelines in mind while writing your resume objective, your resume will catch the attention of any potential employer and boost your chances of landing that coveted interview.

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