Jobseeker Tips: Avoiding Age Discrimination Within Your Resume

Sure, everybody knows that with age comes wisdom; however, this truism is often disregarded in the recruiting world. When applying for jobs, age discrimination is a harsh reality that older jobseekers have to face as most employers think of older applicants as people who have passed their prime. In fact, even younger job applicants who have just graduated from college tend to face age discrimination in that they are typically dismissed because of lack of experience. It is Catch-22 situation.

The truth is, an individual’s employability peaks midway through their working years. There are ways to downplay the age angle however and avoiding age discrimination within your resume is merely another exercise in proper resume writing.

Navigating the Age Minefield

The main factor driving the reluctance of employers to consider older workers is that employers are usually concerned that older employees would be too set in their ways and would be stuck in older methods of getting their job done. Employers are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to change systems, so as to stay ahead of the competition. As a mature job applicant, there are ways for you to respond directly to this need by constantly renewing yourself and your working habits, thus aiding you in avoiding age discrimination.

One good tactic in avoiding age discrimination within your resume is to leave out any details from which your prospective employer might be able to glean your age. Your date of birth, for example, is something that you can safely leave out. While most people include their date of birth in their resumes, it really isn’t necessary. If you have a family of your own, leave their details out of your resume. Your prospective employer hardly needs to know whether you have kids when you have not even reached the interview stage yet. These tips will help you keep your resume professional but without any hint of your age, so your prospective employer will judge your resume based purely on the merits of your achievements and qualifications when deciding whether or not to interview you.

Keeping Up With The Times

In recent years, one problem that mature workers tend to have has quickly become a chief reason for employers seeking younger employees – computers. Use of modern computers only became widespread after many of today’s mature workers joined the workforce. As such, many of them had to learn through painful trial and error how to perform even the most basic functions on a computer, and many remain barely computer literate even today. The fact of the matter is that computers have become an integral part of the modern workplace, however, as the improvements they bring to productivity simply cannot be ignored.

It is not so difficult to learn to be more than merely literate when using computers. Common office applications such Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are good starting points. Becoming proficient in their use will help you improve your productivity and score huge brownie points with current and future employers.

By updating your skills regularly, you can include these skills in your resume and show prospective employers that you are just as current with modern advancements as fresh job applicants. This is one of the best ways of avoiding age discrimination within your resume.

How to Avoid Age Discrimination When Searching for Employment

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