The Ever-Important Thank You Letter After An Interview

A thank you letter after an interview for a job is like the icing on a cake. While a cake may look and taste good on its own, a layer of decorating icing will instantly elevate its status. In much the same way, your thank you letter will make you look that much better to your interviewer and also make you stand out from the rest of the interviewees.

What Exactly does A Thank You Letter Do?

First and foremost, your thank you letter after an interview will let your interviewer know that you are knowledgeable about the formalities of job applications. Your interviewer will immediately be better disposed towards you than towards those job applicants who neglect to send thank you letters. Beyond that, your thank you letter will serve as both a form of continuation of the conversation you had during your interviewer and as an effective conclusion to that conversation.

During any interview there are sure to be questions that catch you off guard or that you just wish you’d answered better than you did. These particular questions can be a source of great distress post-interview, as you replay what went wrong over and over again in your mind. This is where your thank you letter after an interview can be of great use to you.

What To Include In Your Thank You Letter

1. First, you should clarify any doubts that you think you might have left your interviewer with and answer any questions that you did not handle well or properly. If, as you step out the door from your interview, you suddenly think of something you should have mentioned when answering a question, then include it in your thank you letter. This will serve to round off the interview process on a positive note, as a discerning interviewer will distinguish between those interviewees who merely mouth platitudes in their thank you letters and those who make the effort to write a useful and informative thank you letter after an interview.

2. Next, be sure to include a summary of the salient points of why you want the job and what your qualifications are. You must be careful with this part, however. Remember that you are writing a thank you letter after all and that you should not bore your interviewer with a reiteration of every single one of your achievements since the fifth grade. Instead, identify a few key qualifications that you think will make you stand out from the other applicants.

3. Finally, you should approach the entire process of writing a thank you letter after an interview as an exercise in sales. You are selling and marketing yourself to your interviewer, and your marketing effort must be coherent. No matter what style of writing you may have, make sure it is consistent throughout your thank you letter. It simply will not do to have curt and formal sentences in the first part of your letter and fill the rest of it with long and rambling paragraphs. Pick a style that works for you and stick with it. 

With that, you should now be better able to write your thank you letter after an interview for a job. By following the guidelines laid out above, you will impress your interviewer with a well thought-out thank you letter, thereby increasing your chances of landing that job you want.

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