Finding Work Directly By Skipping The Classifieds

Chances are that you have watched a movie or television show before, which involves one of the characters frantically searching for a job, poring through the classifieds everyday and following up on all those leads only to get nowhere. While you may have thought that this only happens in television shows and movies, the reality is that those shows are based on real life. Too often, jobseekers find themselves scrambling about, responding to one classifieds ad after another to no avail.

The key to finding a good job lies in knowing exactly what you want. You can hardly expect to find appropriate work opportunities if you have no inkling of what it is that you are looking for in a career. You need to take the time to decide what industry, position and department you would like to work in, and use this as the starting point for your job search. Knowing exactly what you want will also come through when you write your resume, and employers like job applicants who are sure about themselves and their chosen career path. Once you know what you want, you can begin your search in earnest.

Most people who scour the classifieds for job openings are usually people who have no idea what they want. This is why other methods of job hunting will not work for them because those other methods require a person to be sure about what they want to work as. These other methods of finding work are much more direct than circling advertisements in a newspaper.

Jumping Straight Into The Job Market

The internet is an excellent tool for finding work if you know how to use it properly. In recent years, many websites have been created that are great for finding the right job. These websites are also known as resume databases. Despite their somewhat banal-sounding name, resume databases are actually an exciting new development. With a resume database, you need only craft your resume to reflect the exact type of work and workplace that you are looking for, and wait for an employer to come to you. Contrary to popular belief, many employers are constantly on the lookout for new employees. They merely hold out until they find employees that they think are worth hiring. By listing your resume on one or more resume databases, you greatly increase the chances that an employer will find your resume who thinks that you would be the perfectly addition to his company’s workforce.

Networking is another effective method of finding work directly by skipping the classifieds. Even if you are currently unemployed, you are sure to have contacts from your previous workplaces, family, relatives, and even friends whom you can talk to. You never know which of them might know of a job opening somewhere that suits you, or who might know a friend of a friend of a friend who is looking to hire someone such as yourself. The power of networking as a job seeking tool is often underestimated, but by putting feelers out, you will soon find that there are a great many job opportunities right below the surface just waiting to be found.

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