Important Jobseeker Tips: Email My Resume

In this day and age, sending anything by regular post is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Email has left regular post in the dust when it comes to communication over distances, not least because of its reliability and speed. The same can be said of sending in resumes. Earlier, the only way to send your resume to a company was to send it by means of regular post. Nowadays, however, it is considered acceptable or even standard for prospective employees to email their resume to a company’s human resource department. In short, it would be best for you to simply select an ‘email my resume’ option instead of sending it by post.

What do I mean by ‘email my resume’? The answer is simple – with so many people having trouble writing their resumes, enterprising individuals have developed a wide range of online tools to help jobseekers with resume writing. Among these are resume builders, which allow a user to input their information and details, which the builder will use to construct a complete resume. These powerful tools are extremely useful for people who truly struggle with writing a resume. Besides that, they also offer a host of other features, among which is usually the option to ‘email my resume’.

With most resume builders or databases, once you have completed your resume you have a few options. Among those are the options to print your resume, or to email it. The first option is for those people who are not comfortable with approaching a company by email and would much rather do it the tried-and-tested way – through regular post. The second option is for people who place more faith in technology and would prefer the convenience of not having to print their resume, seal it in an envelope, buy and stick on stamps, and head down to the post office to post it. If you are thinking about applying to more than one company for a job, then you should definitely make use of the ‘email my resume’ option.

Why Email My Resume?

One good thing about choosing to email your resume instead of sending it by post is that you communicate directly with the human resource department of the company you are applying to. Sending a resume by post is a relatively impersonal way of sending in your resume as compared to emailing it, because the person who receives your resume immediately knows your email address without even having looked at your resume. This makes it that much easier for the company to get in touch with you if they have questions or would like to schedule an interview with you.

Another thing to consider is that statistically, email is far more reliable than regular post. The computer code and hardware that controls emails has been refined over the years to the point that it is almost unheard of for an email sent by someone not to arrive in the intended recipient’s inbox. Regular post, however, is still subject to human errors and as such is far less reliable.

When it comes to your resume, you should not take any chances. So what are you waiting for? Get online, create your own resume and hit that ‘email my resume’ button.

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