Information Technology Cover Letters: Be Specific About Your Experience

If you are looking for a career in information technology, then there are some things you need to take note of when writing the cover letter for your resume. Information technology cover letters differ slightly from cover letters for other jobs, simply because of the nature of industry. The information technology industry is highly focused on technical aspects and as such your cover letter needs to reflect this focus.

Be Specific with your Information Technology Cover Letter

The first thing to remember when writing information technology cover letters is that you need to be specific. One of the most important things you should include in any cover letter is past experience. Do you have prior experience in a job or is your experience garnered from when you were working whilst in college? Be specific about your experience. Your interviewer will be interested in knowing as much as possible about your working experience, and you should oblige them by providing examples and detailed descriptions of where you worked, what position you held and what responsibilities were given to you.

Some points to focus on when listing your specific experiences are your leadership capability and positions of responsibility. Employers love job applicants who are able to demonstrate leadership skills, because every company is always in need of people who are able to lead others and elevate their departments to greater heights. So if you possess any of these desirable characteristics, do not be afraid to list them out when writing information technology cover letters.

Making Use Of Industry-Specific Terms

One trait common to those working in the information technology industry is their preference for the use of technical jargon. Their idiosyncratic nature stems from the need to use technical jargon in their day-to-day activities, because of the sheer volume of different objects and concepts that require names in the information technology industry. Many interviewers who interview applicants for jobs related to information technology are skeptical about those applicants who are unfamiliar with the regular technical jargon used in the industry. For the interviewers, this indicates a lack of familiarity with the industry itself, and a likely lack of suitability for the job.

When writing information technology cover letters, you should never replace a technical term with layman’s language if you can help it. You can rest assured that the person reading your cover letter will have a firm understanding of any technical terms you might use.

Furthermore, if you intend to place your resume on job search engines so you stand the chance of being found by prospective employers, then using industry-specific terms will help generate those hits that you require. Employers will find those who use industry-specific terms first, because they would rather look through the small pool of candidates savvy enough to use those terms than the large group of candidates with more general resumes.

So if you find yourself writing information technology cover letters, take note of the advice provided above. It will give you a better chance of making a lasting impression on your interviewer and landing your dream job in information technology.

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